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Engage Thai mothers to develop their children’s SQ

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มีนาคม 18, 2016


Bangkok – March 15, 2016: BEAR BRAND Growing-Up by Nestlé (Thai) Ltd., the leading Nutrition, Health, and Wellness company, has introduced BEAR BRAND ADVANCE PROTEXTION Stage 3. Its formulation, containing L-PROTEXTUS (L-RHAMNOSUS), Bifidus BL, DHA, and ARA, on top of other important ingredients, is targeted to mothers who want to develop their children’s Social Quotient (SQ) so they can better adapt to others and grow up to become successful adults. BEAR BRAND will use an integrated marketing communication strategy to engage and educate Thai mothers about the importance of protecting their kids and developing their SQ.

Mr. Wolfgang Friess, Country Business Manager – Infant Nutrition, Nestlé (Thai) Ltd., said, “After eight decades, BEAR BRAND remains committed to its mission of helping Thai mothers provide their children with the best nutrition. Today, many mothers are looking for new ways to nurture their children and develop skills needed for them to adjust to a changing social environment. Developing a child’s Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Quotient (EQ) are no longer sufficient for them to grow up happy and successful, as children also need to adapt themselves to get along with others and society.”

Supporting the idea that SQ is of primary importance, research carried out by Carnegie Mellon University, which continuously followed people with high IQ and EQ levels at work, show that only 15 percent of their professional success is due to IQ and EQ, while a significant 85 percent is due to skills including SQ, which includes their personality and ability to communicate, negotiate, and interact with others. With this, it is indeed apparent that SQ is an important factor in ensuring one’s happiness and success, and its development can start at a young age.

The Nestlé Research Center, one of the world’s largest and most modern food & nutrition research institutes, worked with BEAR BRAND to develop a new scientific formula for the mainstream milk powder segment. BEAR BRAND ADVANCE PROTEXTION Stage 3 contains L-PROTEXTUS, also known as L-RHAMNOSUS, which is the world’s most-researched strain of good bacteria, proven to have several clinical benefits to protect children. BEAR BRAND ADVANCE PROTEXTION Stage 3 offers the best formula to support the development of Thai kid’s Social Quotient.

To reach its target market of modern mothers, BEAR BRAND will implement a year long, integrated marketing campaign. BEAR BRAND ADVANCE PROTEXTION Stage 3 will communicate efficiently through channels including a TV commercial with a “Socialization” theme, print and digital media, plus a SQ activity for children called the “Little Leader with Heart Camp” to reach Thai mothers who want to strengthen their children’s future success by developing their Social Quotient.