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Creating Shared Value Forum 2013 – Detailed agenda

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CSV Forum 2013 Detailed agendaThe theme of this year's Forum is Creating Shared Value: The changing role of business in development. Over 20 leading international and Latin American experts from government, academia, civil society and business will take part to discuss how to accelerate sustainable development. Those attending include Nestlé Chairman Peter Brabeck, Nestlé CEO Paul Bulcke, Luis Alberto Moreno, President of the Inter-American Development Bank, Michael Porter, of the Harvard Business School, Ann Veneman, the former executive director of UNICEF, Maria Emma Mejia, Chairman of the Pies Descalzos Foundation, Luis Ruben Zavaleta Remy, Peru's Vice Minister of Agriculture and Alejandro Gaviria, Colombia's Minister of Health and Social Protection.

The topics will include the challenges of over- and under-nutrition across the Americas and the connection between water, the environment and food security.

Some 300 invited guests from Latin America and beyond will attend, and will be able to engage the panelists in debate. The entire Forum will be webcast live.

Webcast viewers will also have the chance to ask questions of the panelists. Send your questions to [email protected] or Tweet us: @nestlecsv.
We'll also be tweeting live from the event: #CSVForum.

Webcast programme

15h00 – 16h00 CET

: Opening

16h00 – 17h00 CET : Creating Shared Value: the changing role of business in development
Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, Chairman, Nestlé S.A
Michael Porter, Professor, Harvard Business School
Samuel Azout, Former Director, National Agency for Extreme Poverty (ANSPE)
Sergio Diaz-Granados Guida, Former Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Colombia

17h00 – 18h30 CET : Challenges in Over- and Under-nutrition across the Americas
Ann Veneman, former Executive Director, UNICEF
Robert E. Black Chairman of the Department of International Health, Johns Hopkins University, Bloomberg School of Public Health
Maria Emma Mejia, Chairman of the Board, Pies Descalzos Foundation
Alejandro Gaviria, Minister of Health and Social Protection, Colombia
Paul Bulcke, CEO, Nestlé S.A.

19h30 – 20h30 CET : Water, environment, food security
Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, Chairman, Nestlé S.A.
Prof. Asit Biswas, President, Third World Centre for Water Management
Margaret Catley-Carlson, Patron, the Global Water Partnership
J. Carl Ganter, Director and co-founder, Circle of Blue

20h30 – 21h30 CET : Rural Development
Robert L. Thompson, Professor Emeritus of Agricultural Policy, University of Illinois
Martin Burt, Founder and CEO, Foundation Paraguaya (CSV prize winner)
Carlos Mario Giraldo Moreno, President, Grupo Éxito

22h00 – 23h15 CET : What next for business and society?
Paul Bulcke, CEO, Nestlé S.A.
Hans Schulz, Acting Vice President for the Private Sector and Non-Sovereign Guaranteed Operations, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
Rafael Stand, President, International Centre of Social Responsibility and Sustainability
Rafael Santos Calderón, Dean, Universidad Central
Michael Porter, Professor, Harvard Business School

23h15 – 23h30 CET : Conclusions
Luis Alberto Moreno, President, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)