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Gen Z: Balanced Diet. Good Food for Good Health.

GEN Z: New Generation

Gen Z (Generation Z), age 15-23, were born in the era of digital technology. They are individualistic, freedom-loving, and flexible. Their lifestyle is characterized by convenience, speed, a taste for newness, and enjoy doing what they love. Gen Z seek the best path possible for themselves and pay attention to what they eat to promote good health.

Nestlé: Pass on Goodness to All


Choose Smart, Eat Smart for Good and Balanced Lifestyle.

1. Eat the right proportion at the right time: Most Gen Z skip some meals, possibly because of being in a hurry and subsequently having no time to choose what to eat. They focus on convenience and select a dish based on preference and favored tastes. Highly seasoned foods or buffets, as a result, are among their top choices. Eating the right proportion does not always mean staying away from one’s favorite dishes. They just need to balance their intake. Consume just enough so as not to add too many calories during each meal. And, choose a proper time to get full, like breakfast. It is the first meal of the day, which provides the crucial energy for stimulating and freshening up the body and brain. It will make you study and work efficiently, while also maintaining blood sugar level. One should include all five food groups in their breakfast, with an emphasis on calories from unrefined carbohydrates e.g. brown rice, whole-wheat sandwich, breakfast cereal, paired with milk and fruits high in fiber, like , add protein with meat or boiled eggs to stay satisfied until lunchtime.

2. Pair foods properly for better health: Each food contains different nutrients. If paired properly and if their tastes are harmonized, foods are even better for the body than isolating them, for instance:

  • Foods high in vitamin C and iron-rich vegetables, like “Tom Yum” (Thai spicy and sour soup) with straw mushrooms. The mushroom is abundant in iron, while the high-vitamin C lime or tamarind juice in the soup increases iron absorption.
  • Stir-fried pumpkin with eggs. Pumpkin is vitamin A-rich. So, stir-frying it with cooking oil makes vitamin A and beta-carotene easier to be absorbed.
  • Bear Band UHT, with high calcium and vitamin D, paired with the fiber-packed Nestlé Fitness Granola.
  • Nesvita Instant Cereal Beverage, made with fiber-rich wholegrain cereals. When paired with fruits to boost vitamins, the drink can also keep you full longer and improve your bowel movement.

3. The more you eat, the more you exercise: You can eat, but you have to also burn the calories you consume. If you eat more than the normal amount, or have to eat party food, you should exercise longer. Whether it is weight training, body weight, or cardio exercise, all of these should help the body get rid of excess calories. Drinking at least eight glasses of water daily, like clean water from Nestlé Pure Life.

Happiness found in every healthy dish with familiar taste: Gen Z can spend time with their family more frequently to learn how to cook their favorite, easy, or top family recipes — like clear soup with tofu and minced pork flavored with Maggi sauce, or stir-fried chicken with black pepper and garlic. Apart from ensuring the foods they eat are healthy, nutritious with the five food groups, homey, as well as delicious to their liking, Gen Z can also spend more time with their family and foster even stronger bonds.

Gen Z can easily balance their daily life by paying attention to what they eat and drink, focusing on a balanced dietary habit. They can eat well for a balanced lifestyle, and, as a result, maintain a vigorous body and mind. Nestlé will stay alongside Thai people. We will continue to develop our products to have flavors you love and nutrition suitable for every generation, corresponding with every ever-changing lifestyle.

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