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Students and graduates


Opportunities for development

At Nestlé, we offer challenging opportunities to people early in their career.



We offer different programs to candidates at the start of their career such as Management Trainee, Nesternship, etc. We advertise all our vacancies on the job search page, and you can discover more about each program on our individual country websites. Nestlé also helps young people around the world to get a fulfilling job and career through the Nestlé needs YOUth initiative.


For early-career employees



For young people looking to start a career

Nestlé needs YOUth equips young people with the skills they need to thrive in tomorrow’s workplaces. Focusing on employment/employability, entrepreneurship and agripreneurship, it has a range of initiatives in different markets, for example:


“Nesternship” (a Nestlé Internship Program) aims to provide valuable business insight into the Nestlé operations and the opportunity to upskill competencies from real working environment.


Nestlé Management Trainee Program

Nestlé Management Trainee Program aims to develop high potential individuals as future leaders through accelerated career & development journey


During Nesternship Program, I was very impressed with the program as well as the way of work that encourage team to share ideas and to brainstorm to get the best result. Importantly, this is the great opportunity to learn how to effectively cooperate with others, also to solve problems in real life situation which elevate myself to the next level.

As a Nestern in Corporate Innovation & Sustainability, I learned how FMCG operate from the first-hand experiences. Many thanks to the Corporate Innovation & Sustainability team for always supports and offering me many opportunities during this program. Last but not least, Thank you! Nestlé for supporting YOUth and this world, it mean a lot to me to start something small to create huge impacts to this world.

Nestlé Management Trainee Program is a school where you can sharpen your lifelong skills through tasks and challenges. Being a part of this program help me a lot to   fulfill my fundamental knowledge with massive resources. I have been able to see how much I can contribute to create great impact to myself as well as to community by being part of Nestlé Thailand. 

Nestlé Management Trainee Program has been an incredible experience that has enabled me to learn and grow in ways I never thought possible. Through the program, working with talented and supportive mentors has helped me develop my skills and knowledge of the FMCG industry. The on-the-job learning experiences have been challenging but rewarding. The program has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone, and I have emerged as a more confident and capable professional.