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Regenerative agriculture to restore ecosystem ​

We work with global and local stakeholders to develop, support, and implement relevant programs and initiatives. These can span empowering farmers with the skills and resources to grow their crops responsibly to reforestation. It is essential to assessing the suppliers and farmers we source from and empowering them to improve their practices to become part of a more responsible – and sustainable – supply chain. By 2025, Nescafé pledges to have 100% sustainably sourced coffee. As climate remains one of the biggest challenges in the coffee supply chain, we will continue to do our part to tackle it. We will reduce and remove coffee farming carbon emissions with regenerative agricultural practices and nature-based solutions.
Regenerative Agriculture for Sustainable Coffee Farming

Regenerative agriculture for sustainable coffee farming

In Thailand, we value regeneration of ecosystem biodiversity in every step of our production. NESCAFÉ has initiated Grown Respectfully Initiative to encourage regenerative agriculture along with conservation of resources needed in coffee farming and production in 5 main coffee-producing provinces of Thailand, i.e., Chumphon, Ranong, Surat Thani, Nakhon Si Thammarat, and Chanthaburi. The project begins with process of research and development of coffee seedlings before distributing them to the coffee farmers. Additionally, we provide the farmers with training in utilizing farming resources such as water stewardship and waste management, maintenance and restoration of soil fertility, and etc. This also includes monitoring and evaluation of continuous changes to help improve livelihood of the farming communities, develop better coffee beans, and create sustainable raw material sourcing process.