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Beyond sustainability: we help protect, renew, and restore the ecosystem​

Inspired by nature’s ability to renew and revive, we will strive to co -create a resilient future for our planet and its people, working to nurture communities, to improve the livelihoods of our partners and the wellbeing of our consumers, and to revitalize natural ecosystems. We are contributing to our mission to achieve net zero by 2050 to tackle global climate change to create a better world for generations to come.

​ We are on a journey to regeneration which goes beyond sustainability. We help protect, renew, and restore our ecosystem and communities. ​

​ At Nestlé, regeneration is rooted in agricultural practices that improve soil health and fertility, sequester carbon, protect and restore natural resources like water and foster biodiversity. To feed the world for generations to come, our approach must go beyond ‘doing no harm’. That’s why we are taking action through a new sustainability Promise: “To advance regenerative food systems at scale”.

Our Promise in Action ​