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เนสท์เล่ 130 ปีส่งต่อสิ่งดีๆ ให้ไม่เคยเปลี่ยน

130 Years of Nestlé Thailand: Passing on Goodness to All

For 130 years in Thailand, Nestlé has always recognized the importance of nutrition and remains committed to promoting good health and quality of life.  We conduct our business in Thailand for the people’s happiness. As a leading food and beverage company, “Nestlé” is proud and delighted to be a part of everyone’s daily life. We continue to develop our products to ensure that they always answer consumer needs. With innovations that serve every changing demand of customers in various age groups, we offer tasty and nutritious products with the purpose to “unlock the power of food to enhance quality of life for everyone, today and for generations to come.” This is the key to our business operation, which we have consistently strived for and upheld.

Nestlé Passes on Goodness to You and the Next Generations

Throughout the 130 years of your trust, Nestlé has utilized our extensively accumulated experience and expertise on nutrition, health, and quality of life to develop healthier food and beverage. This is because we believe that good food is the key to sustainably good quality of life. Nestlé never stops  researching and innovating to offer new ways to make our products healthier. – for example, through continuously reducing the amount of sugar, saturated fat, and sodium in our products – so that they are right choices for buyers. We also select appropriate nutrition for each age group, while also offering enjoyable tastiness to answer consumer needs in the new era. Nestlé also has the highest number of products certified by the “Healthier Choice” nutritional logo in Thailand, with as much as 100 products. Therefore, we are a good choice for the health of every member in your family.

In addition to the care and goodness we offer to Thais in our products, Nestlé also places emphasis on social contribution and empowering communities through education on healthy nutrition. This is so that everybody can choose healthy food and beverage by themselves. Cultivating knowledge on proper diets contributes to good health behaviors in all ages. We are also doing our part in reviving the environment via more sustainable business practices to take care of the world and pass a sustainable planet to future generations.

Nestlé Passes on Goodness to All

เนสท์เล่ ส่งต่อสิ่งดีๆ ให้ไม่เคยเปลี่ยน

Thais usually live in an extended family. A home can house various generations of members: grandparents, parents, children, and grandchildren. Sometimes, a generation gap may lead to different attitudes and opinions – and subsequent lack of understanding – among those who are under the same roof. However, family members will always pass on love, attention, and the best of care to one another, whether through sharing fond memories in good and bad times or passing down family recipes. These are things that bind a household together. This is reflected in Nestlé’s belief: Amidst changes in life, one thing remains – how we take the best care of each other.

In celebration of our 130th anniversary, Nestlé Thailand invites Thai people to pass on goodness to all, under the campaign “Choose Goodness, Choose Nestlé.” Through quality food and beverage that serve diverse needs, people in every generation can enjoy precious moments together. They can take care of each other, having favorite dishes with the whole family and sharing experiences. Nestlé strongly believes that the power of lasting familial love and care can overcome age difference. Therefore, everybody can always pass on love and care by tending to their loved ones in the best ways possible, just as Nestlé has been keeping up with changing needs of Thais in every generation for over 130 years.

Pass on Goodness with Nestlé​

Health tips for balanced well-being in all ages

เนสท์เล่ 130 ปีส่งต่อสิ่งดีๆ ให้ไม่เคยเปลี่ยน


Pass on goodness to communities all across Thailand

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