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​Eco-friendly Packaging for Sustainability​​

Nestlé moves forward with our mission to create world-class sustainability with the ambition to achieve 100% recyclable or reusable packaging and to reduce one-third of virgin plastic use by 2025 to shape waste-free future for sustainable planet and good future of generations to come.
Sustainable Packaging

“Every Little Act Matters” Campaign

Nestlé believes everybody plays a role in protecting and enhancing the environment to help ensure a sustainable world for future generations under the concept “ Every Little Acts Matters” with the purpose to create little behavioral change in their daily lives through the adoption of eco-friendly packaging used in various Nestlé products which will bring the realization to tackle environmental problem and taking care of the planet for future generations.

Watch Packaging for Better World campaign VDOs here
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​Let’s change with Nestlé with #EveryLittleActMatters challenge​ ​

Because Nestlé believes in every little act that can lead to big changes, during April – May 2021, Nestlé invited people to join online activities to create inspiration and share environmental conservation ideas in their own ways in the #EveryLittleActMatters Challenge in 4 steps: Turn to your left – Take a shot - Tell you story – Share it on Facebook page goodfoodgoodlife by Nestlé Thailand or on their own social media.​​

We would like to thank you for all of little power that cares this world in their own ways. We believe these actions will help people in the society realize the importance of partaking in conserving the environment from little things consumers can do to make big changes for a more sustainable world today, and a better future for the next generations. Every Little Act Matters. #LetsChangewithNestlé #EveryLittleActMatters

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