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NESTLÉ PURE LIFE accumulated on sustainable water conservation

With an intention to preserve water resources and conserving environment, NESTLÉ intends to increase the quality of life and strengthen the health of the vital resources for the future generation. Nestlé Waters Thailand, the business unit that bottles and distributes Nestlé Pure Life drinking water, continues to organize educational activities for the community, consolidating all the effort from schools, factories, neighborhoods, department stores, and community residents, in order to celebrate World Water Day 2019. In an initiative to create consciousness and educate the community on environmental sustainability, including sharing first-hand lessons on the importance of using water efficiently in the factory and organizing a World Water Day exhibition, and inviting individuals to share an idea on water conservation, in order to pass it on and create a movement on sustainable water conservation.

This year, on World Water Day 2019, Nestle Pure Life had set up 3 educational activities that en-courage public involvement. The first activity is the one-day trip, “Youth Water Guardian visiting Khlong Kanom Jean Nam Sai, Ayutthaya,” which give the opportunities to the customers who are interested to learn about conserving water resource and understanding how to efficiently manage the water supply. Additionally, they have experienced first-hand on the river lifestyle from the locals to develop the mindset on how everyone can help taking care of water.