No Need to Shake, it’s Blended Already!

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Say goodbye to the habit of shaking a can of coffee to mix the contents before drinking as NESCAFÉ, Thailand’s number one coffee brand, has launched “NESCAFÉ in aluminum cans,” a ready-to-drink canned coffee innovation, for all variants including Espresso Roast, Latte, and Black Ice. NESCAFÉ is the very first coffee brand to set the trend of “Tasty, Strong, No More Shaking” to delight all coffee lovers in Thailand.
The reason behind the “Tasty, Strong, No More Shaking” trend is that NESCAFÉ is now available in an “Alu Can” that ensures the coffee inside is outstandingly delicious and strong with a consistent flavour. By using milk instead of creamer, the coffee is well-blended and has no residue, which allows coffee lovers to enjoy NESCAFÉ in the Alu Can without shaking it before drinking.
As the Alu Can is thinner, it takes much less time for the contents to cool. Due to aluminum’s soft and pliable characteristics, an inert gas is needed to maintain the can’s shape. While this results in a small amount of foam if the can is shaken before being opened, the coffee inside is still delicious and safe to drink. Also, Alu Cans do not rust and weigh less, making them easier to transport. When finished, it’s easy to crush Alu Cans so they take up less space in the trash bin. Recycling collectors love Alu Cans as aluminum is worth more than cans made from other metals.
Even better for the world, as NESCAFÉ Alu Cans are made entirely from aluminum, the whole can is 100% recyclable. By separating the empty Alu Cans for recycling into new cans, coffee lovers can help to make the most of earth’s resources. This will contribute to a waste-free future for Thailand in line with Nestlé’s global mission to change product packaging for the total NESCAFÉ portfolio to be 100% designed for recycling by 2022.
Mr. Thanatorn Punpanishgul, Senior Marketing Manager – NESCAFÉ RTD, Nestlé (Thai) Ltd., said, “We are proud to introduce the NESCAFÉ Alu Can packaging innovation, which is 100% recyclable, to Thai consumers. It’s a great start for NESCAFÉ to use an eco-friendly packaging to protect the environment. Last year, we introduced NESCAFÉ Latte and Black Ice as the first variants in aluminum cans and received excellent feedback from consumers, followed by NESCAFÉ Espresso Roast this year to meet more consumers’ needs. I invite all Thai coffee lovers to try NESCAFÉ in Alu Cans and properly dispose of the cans to make sure they can be recycled. Our small actions can create a big change for a waste-free future.”
NESCAFÉ in Alu Cans offers the strong and full taste of coffee in three variants: Espresso Roast, Black Ice, and Latte. All are now available for 15 baht per can at leading supermarkets and convenience stores throughout Thailand. In addition, NESCAFÉ is holding “The More You Drink, The More You Get” lucky draw campaign. Coffee lovers can easily participate by scanning the QR code or joining the LINE Official Account @NESCAFETH and filling in the password under the loop. Each loop is worth one point and can be redeemed for privileges every day, or to qualify to win a big prize every month. Join the lucky draw starting from today until 31 December, 2020. For more information about NESCAFÉ in Alu Cans, visit the NESCAFÉ Thailand Facebook Page.