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Nov 27, 2015

The appropriate height for your kids

The appropriate height for your kids


Don’t let your kids grow up with inappropriate height, check this!


When the children have short stature or lower height than average standard, it might show the signage of nutrition disorder for a long time especially on protein, iron, zinc, and calcium. If you wonder your little ones have appropriate height or not, check from the table below right now.

Table shown the appropriate height of the childern by age 1-12 years old

How to get appropriate height for the children?

To make sure the children will grow up properly by their age standard, it will depend to 3 key factors which are

Table shown the appropriate height of the childern by age 1-12 years old

1. Take appropriate portion of food with good nutrition. It means having the meal that contains 5 groups of nutrition completely, enough portion, drinking milk by age range – 1-5 years old kids to drink 2-3 glasses and 6 years old up to drink 1-2 glasses. For the kids who don’t like milk, you can switch with malt-flavored drink that have the milk ingredient, high calcium and vitamin D to help absorb the calcium.

2. Get enough sleep. Kids should sleep at least 7-8 hours per day. Don’t let them watch television or on phone call with their friends too long or play computer games until late. If possible, students should go to sleep before 9-10 p.m. and sleep long until the next morning

3. Exercise regularly will help the pressure on the bones and keep them flexible, which will help their height increase.

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