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Breast milk, allergy no more

Breast milk, allergy no more


Food allergy can be frequently found in infants especially less than 6 months old ones. At this age, their intestinal lining is not strong enough. Those cells in intestinal lining are lining up loose while the food enzyme system is not fully developed. When the toddlers have taken the disguised formats of protein like cow milk protein or other foods, they cannot digest or get rid of those stuffs, which can malfunction the immune system and lead to the allergy symptom eventually.

To reduce the risk of being allergy, only breast feeding is suggested for the newborn to 6 month old toddlers in order to prevent the disguised proteins. (protein in breast milk is human-made protein, not disguised one)

Moreover, the breast milk is full of immunes that can protect the digestive lining and protect the allergens in food not to absorb into the baby’s body. When they turn to 6 months old, the supplementary food can be added together with breast milk until 2 years old or longer.

Some studies show that the breast-feeding only toddler for 3-4 months old can help reduce the chance of being asthma symptoms, dermatitis from allergy up to 20% for the low allergy risk babies and 42% for the family allergic-recorded ones.

Breast milk is the best!