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Tastier and healthier And so much more by MAGGI

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Jan 28, 2013

MAGGI cooking sauce

Nowadays consumers not only want to have food with good taste. MAGGI has never stopped exploring in order to deliver the products with a balance of great taste and nutrition for consumers.

MAGGI sauce products such as MAGGI dipping sauce and MAGGI cooking sauce are made to get a concentrated, well-blended taste and unique aroma. MAGGI sauce is also analyzed 3-MCPD.

To promote nutrition of the product, MAGGI uses iodized salt as an ingredient, in alignment with government’s initiative of promoting iodine consumption. Furthermore, MAGGI continuously strives to improve the product nutritional profile. For instance, MAGGI oyster sauce is cholesterol-free, while maintaining a well blended taste.

MAGGI Mobile Cooking Class

MAGGI is continuously renovating the products and be a part in creating good taste menus.

MAGGI has initiated “MAGGI Mobile Cooking Class”, targeting Thai consumers in rural areas. This activity aimed to improve the health and wellness of Thai consumers in communities around the country via MAGGI healthy cooking education program.

MAGGI Mobile Cooking Class highlights on local recipes using local ingredients, and nutrition education which can help to ease consumers cooking experience, and affordability.

  • The simple and delicious recipes of MAGGI are demonstrated in live cooking workshops to create several of local Thai dishes, utilizing local ingredients in the community
  • The nutrition education and cooking techniques are provided to promote and to elevate consumers’ quality of life
  • MAGGI recipes consist only of MAGGI Cooking Sauce and Oyster Sauce as the main seasoning ingredients, creating three main types of Thai recipes which are marinating, stir-frying and boiling
  • Consumers who participated in these activities can apply the simple and delicious recipes to help them save cooking expenses by just using only these two bottles of seasoning ingredients
MAGGI dipping sauce

MAGGI cooking class has started since 2010, involving more than 1,700 communities to experience the ease of and delicious dishes.

We are proud to be a part of well-being development of local communities by promoting health education on food consumption and continue to expand these experiences to all Thai families

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