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Introducing NESCAFÉ COLD BREW Ready-To-Drink Coffee, Thailand’s First-ever Premium Cold Brew Coffee Made a New Way Using a Unique Gradual Cold Extraction Process so it’s Aromatic and Smooth yet Intense

ประกาศเปิดตัว “เนสกาแฟ โคลด์ บริว
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Apr 29, 2020

Bangkok - January 20, 2020: NESCAFÉ today announced the launch of NESCAFÉ COLD BREW Ready-To-Drink (RTD) coffee, the first RTD cold brew coffee in Thailand. NESCAFÉ has pioneered an innovative way of brewing coffee on a major scale using a gradual cold extraction process to give consumers a new premium on-the-go coffee experience.

NESCAFÉ COLD BREW uses high-quality 100% Arabica coffee beans. It’s made at Thailand’s only production facility equipped for cold coffee extraction, which involves slowly steeping coffee in cold water to gradually extract the coffee bean’s DNA while preserving its aroma. The end-cup is less acidic and less bitter because the cold temperature used during production does not dissolve the acidic and bitter flavor compounds in the coffee beans.

Cold brew coffee, which is made from premium selected quality beans, requires a long brewing process. As it has a higher bean-to-water ratio, the cost-per-cup price point for cold brew coffee is much higher, as seen in specialty cafés. Due to the high cost and unique but complicated brewing process, no other brand in Thailand has been able to produce cold brew coffee at volume until now. Using its decades of experience and innovation, NESCAFÉ is the first mover in mass producing premium RTD cold brew coffee for Thai coffee lovers.

กาแฟสกัดเย็น สร้างสรรค์ขึ้นจากเมล็ดกาแฟคุณภาพระดับพรีเมียม

NESCAFÉ will partner with 7-Eleven to offer a premium on-the-go coffee experience in its convenience stores to help make them a destination for the new generation of coffee drinkers. In addition, NESCAFÉ Cold Brew will have an exclusive summer campaign with 7-Eleven to elevate the premium coffee experience. NESCAFÉ COLD BREW will be 2020’s coolest coffee trend and tap into a new generation of coffee drinkers. NESCAFÉ has allocated 100 million baht for the NESCAFÉ COLD BREW launch campaign, which capitalizes on how NESCAFÉ has used its unmatched expertise to develop a unique cold brew RTD coffee that can be distributed on a nationwide scale.


Ms. Sriprapha Chingprasertsuk, Senior Marketing Manager – Ready to Drink Business Unit, Nestlé (Thai) Ltd., said, “NESCAFÉ is currently driving the growth of the ready-to-drink coffee market, while the premium ready-to-drink coffee segment is growing 18.6%, or almost nine times faster than the total ready-to-drink coffee market, which grew only 2.6%, according to Nielsen research in November 2019. This growth was mainly driven by our mainstream canned liquid coffee portfolio, which uses high-quality coffee and real milk and is available in environmentally-friendly aluminum cans. The rapid growth in Thailand’s premium ready-to-drink coffee segment is driven by the young generation of consumers who are looking for trendy and stylish experiences, a variety of coffees, and high quality instead of a low price.”

“We are pleased to introduce NESCAFÉ COLD BREW RTD coffee, the first of its kind in Thailand. Through a collaboration with 7-Eleven, we are offering it as a high-quality premium café-style coffee available at 7-Eleven stores nationwide. We have also planned a special summer campaign with 7-Eleven that features an exclusive “[email protected]” package design to attract consumers. This collaboration strengthens NESCAFÉ COLD BREW’s reach, which will help make it the latest trend to tap into the new generation of coffee drinkers who are seeking high quality, convenience, and accessibility,” she added.

The world’s favorite coffee and number one coffee brand in Thailand, NESCAFÉ has been nurturing stronger bonds with Thai consumers for 47 years. Last year, NESCAFÉ launched NESCAFÉ AMERICANO RTD with roast and ground Arabica, with an aromatic and intense flavour, along with low sugar, to answer changing consumer needs.

NESCAFÉ plans to continue to expand its premium segment range starting with NESCAFÉ COLD BREW, a high-quality premium product at an affordable price. It’s available in two variants, which are NESCAFÉ COLD BREW PURE BLACK, an easy-to-drink smooth and aromatic black coffee, and silky smooth NESCAFÉ COLD BREW CRAFT LATTÉ, perfectly blended with real milk.

Mr. Suphavat Khamijoun, Marketing Manager for NESCAFÉ RTD, Nestlé (Thai) Ltd., added, “Making cold brew coffee is a unique process that is normally found only in specialty cafés. With the crafted brewing process and its unique taste, NESCAFÉ COLD BREW truly delivers the concept of ‘Soodjad Sakad Yen,’ or the coolest cold brew coffee experience, to a new generation of consumers. NESCAFÉ is bringing this concept to life through an integrated marketing campaign supporting the launch, which includes the Cold Brew Café by NESCAFÉ at Samyan Mitrtown.”

The café features a unique sensorial coffee experience in an immersive environment in collaboration with up-and-coming creative agencies Splendor Solis and Eye Dropper Fill. Since opening on January 17, 2020, the Cold Brew Café by NESCAFÉ has become talk of the town among coffee drinkers on social media, attracting over 700 visitors in only its first weekend of opening.

เปิดตัว เดอะทอยส์ ในฐานะแบรนด์แอมบาสเดอร์คนใหม่

NESCAFÉ Cold Brew also unveiled The Toys as its new brand ambassador. “With The Toys’ unique character, and because he shares the same DNA of being a ‘Soodjad,’ delivering the best by paying close attention to every artistic detail while making it look effortless, similar to NESCAFÉ COLD BREW, we invited him to be NESCAFÉ COLD BREW brand ambassador. The Toys composed the ‘Sakad Yen’ song that will be released today, and will also star in a music video that we will launch in February. The uniqueness of his music reflects the uniqueness of the cold brew coffee extraction process,” added Mr. Suphavat.

“We aim to gain market leadership in the RTD premium coffee segment this year with the launch of the first ready-to-drink cold brew coffee in Thailand, available at 7-Eleven and other leading convenience stores nationwide. We expect the new generation of coffee drinkers will embrace NESCAFÉ COLD BREW coffee’s sensorial aromatic and smooth #Soodjadsakadyen experience,” concluded Ms. Sriprapha.

Enjoy NESCAFÉ COLD BREW PURE BLACK, which is certified with the Healthier Choice Logo, and NESCAFÉ COLD BREW CRAFT LATTE in innovative, sleek, and recyclable packaging, now available at only 39 baht per bottle at leading convenience stores, modern trade outlets, supermarkets, and hypermarkets nationwide.