NESCAFÉ HUB@BTS Chidlom, the First NESCAFÉ Out-of-Home Café in Thailand, Offers First-ever Fresh Roast and Ground Coffee Experience for Thai Coffee Lovers

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Bangkok - July 3, 2018: As the world of coffee changes to reflect new trends and consumer preferences, so does the world’s coffee expert. NESCAFÉ is responding to the demands of today’s on-the-go coffee lovers by opening its first out-of-home café in Thailand called “NESCAFÉ HUB” at BTS Chidlom station. This is the first time ever that NESCAFÉ is offering consumers fresh roast and ground coffee, known locally as “Kafe Sod,” made from 100% Colombian Arabica coffee beans specially imported into Thailand.  At NESCAFÉ HUB@BTS Chidlom, commuters can choose from Café and Signature Menus as well as a co-created menu developed in an exclusive collaboration with Japan’s Sawada Hiroshi, the First Asian World Latte Art Champion. NESCAFÉ HUB@BTS Chidlom’s unique concept and design are inspired by the NESCAFÉ Flagship Store in Tokyo’s Harajuku district. NESCAFÉ has over 48 cafes and various out-of-home businesses in Japan that serve a combined 16 million cups per year to Japanese coffee lovers.

The official launch of NESCAFÉ HUB@BTS Chidlom was led by Mr. Victor Seah, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Nestlé Indochina; Mr. Michael Briner, Regional Manager – Zone Asia Oceania Africa; along with Nestlé (Thai) Ltd. executives including Mr. Vladislav Andreev, Business Executive Officer – Coffee and Creamer Business Unit; Ms. Cruawan Varunpaichit, Business Executive Officer – Nestlé Professional & Food; Ms. Somrudee Boonhaijaroen, Communications & Marketing Services Director; Mr. Suphavat Khamijoun, Business Development Manager – Coffee and Creamer Business Unit; and Mr. Sawada Hiroshi, the First Asian World Latte Art Champion; Peeranee Kongthai, and Itthipat Thanit, also joined the launch event, which took place at Central World.


According to Mr. Victor Seah, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Nestlé Indochina, “For over 40 years, NESCAFÉ has been an important part of Thai people’s lives. Three generations of Thai consumers have grown up with NESCAFÉ. Today, we are bringing a new experience to Thai consumers with our first NESCAFÉ HUB at BTS Chidlom station. It’s our first out-of-home café in Thailand, designed to cater to the needs of consumers on the go.  NESCAFÉ HUB is Bangkok’s coolest place to enjoy a unique selection of hot and cold coffees and other beverages. At Nestlé, we always innovate and improve our products and services to come up with new and better solutions to respond to consumers’ needs for pleasurable indulgence. In addition to providing an exceptional coffee experience, NESCAFÉ HUB reflects the Nestlé Purpose of enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future.”

Mr. Vladislav Andreev, Business Executive Officer – Coffee and Creamer Business Unit, Nestle (Thai) Ltd., said, “NESCAFÉ HUB is Thailand’s new hot spot for coffee lovers, where people can connect for a superior coffee experience. It’s also part of our business development vision of driving NESCAFÉ to be the solution brand, offering a loved and innovative coffee experience for both in-home and out-of-home occasions. NESCAFÉ HUB is the first of many out-of-home NESCAFÉ cafés we will open in Thailand, and we are confident it will become a magnet for coffee lovers who take the BTS to the trendy Chidlom area.”


At NESCAFÉ HUB, office workers, shoppers, diners, tourists, expats, students, and parents will enjoy a great cup of coffee made with 100% imported medium-roasted Colombian Arabica beans at just the right price, a third wave mood and feel with an experiential corner offering nitro and tap coffee, and NESCAFÉ HUB’s special Signature Menu that offers items such as Cha-Ka-Fe, Café Mojito, and Lavender Bliss.

With its unexpected source of inspiration, Cha-Ka-Fe has proven popular among Nestlé staff at the Experiential Café at the Nestlé (Thai) office. It combines refreshing iced lemon tea with a shot of Espresso made from 100% Colombian Arabica beans, topped with foam and a slice of lemon for an uplifting café experience like no other.  Café Mojito is inspired by one of the best-known cocktails, the mojito, with a refreshing aromatic twist from fresh mint and lime for a lighter, more invigorating drink.  Lavender Bliss is a sparkling lemon tea-based drink that balances the taste of lemon tea with butterfly pea, a popular Thai herb, and is sweetened with honey instead of syrup for a healthier, refreshing soda.

From now until 31 July, NESCAFÉ HUB is also offering “Tokyo Express,” a latte coffee inspired by Sawada Hiroshi, the first Asian Latte Art World Champion. It offers the outstanding taste of quality Colombian Arabica beans complemented by the original Japanese charm of Matcha Green Tea, with a touch of Yuzu that provides a refreshing twist for a unique Japanese fusion experience sure to delight Thai consumers.

Mr. Hiroshi said, “This is my first trip to Thailand, and I have discovered that Thai coffee lovers really enjoy fresh roast and ground coffee just like Japanese people do. In Tokyo, people usually travel by train, and thousands of Japanese commuters grab a cup of roast and ground coffee at train stations every day. I am very happy to collaborate with NESCAFÉ, as it was the first coffee brand that I knew and have grown up with since I was young. Making coffee and latte art is truly my passion, and I want to share my passion with others.  This is why I created ‘Tokyo Express’, a special iced latte made from Colombian Arabica beans combined with Matcha Green Tea and a hint of Yuzu. It’s a great choice of coffee inspired by the Japanese summer and will definitely please the palate of Thai coffee lovers.”

Customers at NESCAFÉ HUB@BTS Chidlom will enjoy first-rate service delivered by a knowledgeable in-house barista, with more creative menu available over the coming months. There is also a special launch promotion in which customers can show their employee ID badges at NESCAFÉ HUB to get 10 baht off all menu items from 3 to 31 July, 2018.