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“Nestlé Community Roadshow”

inspires Thai families and community to live a healthier lifestyle using three simple approaches called the 3Es: Eating, Exercise, and Emotion

“Nestlé Community Roadshow” inspires Thai families and community to live a healthier lifestyle using three simple approaches called the 3Es: Eating, Exercise, and Emotion

“Nestlé Community Roadshow” encourages Thai people across the country to have good health in a sustainable way, giving access to people who live in countryside to learn about health maintenance and nutrition according to 3Es principle via edutainment activities, reinforcing company’s commitment to respond to the policy of Public Health Ministry, and it aligns with Nestlé Purpose in enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future.

“Nestlé Community Roadshow has been launched since 2009, or more than 10 years. The caravan has reached averagely 300,000 Thai people yearly in 80 districts in Thailand’s rural areas nationwide. Today, Nestlé Community Roadshow has been run under the campaign “Nestlé Active Thailand”, applying 3Es principles: Eating, Exercise, and Emotion. The campaign make further use of 3E principles, which was initiated by Department of Health, by making it more enjoyably accessible while collaborating with local officials to effectively learn about what people in each community need. Thai consumers can enjoy fun and educational activities at the event, for example, Guideline Daily Amount (GDA) Labels reading, easy exercise using what you can find at home, fun creation activity for good emotion, and etc. All activities are presented in fun, interesting, and easily understandable manners to encourage practicality and further suggestion to people in the family to be active and healthier in the future.

The zoned activities in Nestlé Healthy Family Caravan apply 3E principles: Eating, Exercise, and Emotion. There are also preliminary health checkup services, product tasting, demonstration on career creation in food business, and the stage for complete participation of people in the community. There are 6 main zones:

1. Eating Zone: enjoyable and educating activities to learn about GDA Label reading (Guideline Daily Amount – GDA), let the consumers know about amount of sugar in foods and beverages, healthy product selection tip with Heathy choice logo, and child nutrition. There are also demonstrations on cooking and making easy and health beverages.

2. Exercise Zone: Create inspiration to do exercise easily at home to encourage the consumers to be healthy and active via varieties of activities and fun games that are suitable for the kids and everyone in the family such as football skill training for the kids by professional football coaches, Basketball shooting game, drinking water pumping game, and simply exercise ideas using items found in every household for weight management and muscle strengthening etc.

3. Emotion Zone: Activities that will bring out laughter and smiles to create positive emotion for consumers at every age. The activities include art activities promoting creativity of kids, funny charades games, and traditional Thai folk dance that is loved and enjoyed by everyone in the community.

4. Health checkup zone: for preliminary health checkup such as body weight, BMI, muscle mass, and body fat mass etc. This enables the consumers to realize their own health and nutritional condition, and they will be given suitable advices and learn how to take care of their health and what they should eat preliminarily.

5. Nestlé flea market and career creation food: Demonstrate food cooking and beverage making with information about profit and cost that will enable people in the community to easily earn extra income for them and their families. There is also product tasting on Heathy choice logo products and make purchase of various Nestlé quality products in the same place.

6. Beat Plastic waste zone: To reemphasize our corporate shared value in serious reduction of plastic usage, there are activities that will educate consumers to take care of the environment through effective community waste management, and encourage to use the most out of plastic, for instance, plastic recycling activities that will create value from the waste, and guideline on household waste sorting.

Nestlé do hope that this Healthy Family Caravan can be a promotion for every Thai people to have access to the nutrition knowledge so that Thai families can become healthy with good health and good quality of life as our purpose is to enhance quality of life and contribute to a healthier future.