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MILO Camp: 50 youth futsal players trained by Barcelona FC Coach From inspiration to success

Bangkok - September 10, 2019

MILO held “MILO Camp” where 50 youth futsal players, aged 7-15 years old, who showed their spirit of sports during “MILO Futsal 2019 Road to Barcelona Tournament” attended the camp for comprehensive training to become professional futsal players. The camp was fully packed with intensive training on football skills by world-class coaches from Barcelona Football Club, training on nutrition for athletes by Coach Peng, Mr Sathik Thanatuk, and Sports Psychology Skills by Asst. Prof. Dr. Naruepon Vongjaturapat‎ to emphasize the mission of the products in encouraging kids to grow with sports because sports is a great teacher.In the event, there was an announcement of 8 selected winners who got to fly to Barcelona Football Club for their football skill training.


In addition, these youngsters received training on nutrition for athletes by Coach Peng, Mr Sathik Thanatuk. The session trained them on calories, principles on food as fuel before, during and after workouts, nutrition flag, food exchange, and proper food portion. They were also trained on Sports Psychology Skills through a number of activities in which they got to learn about sports psychology principles at the same time. The content emphasized on athletic excellence, attitude of athletes and athletic life, and focus and confidence in playing sports.


In the last moment before camp closure, there was an announcement of 8 representatives of the youth aged 7-12 years old who exhibited excellent futsal skills, along with their spirit of sports in MILO Camp. They were chosen by specialist committee chaired by Dr. Charnwit Polcheewin, a senator of 12th Senate of Thailand, committee member and secretary of The Strategy for Human Capital Development and Strengthening, Spokesman of Ministry of Tourism & Sports, staff coach team, and the world-class coaches from Barcelona Football Club. These 8 Thai representatives were selected to experience world-class training at Barça Academy, Barcelona Football Club.