Nestlé invites Thais to get healthier and stronger with 3E’s


Nestlé invites Thais to get healthier and stronger with 3E’s concept, bringing health activities to consumers nationwide through its first-ever innovative and interactive booth

With an aim to make Thai people and their families stronger, Nestlé not only offers healthier and tastier products to its consumers, but also inspires Thais to improve their health through the Nestlé Active Thailand with 3E’s. Getting healthier and stronger is as easy as eating healthy and nutritious food, exercising regularly, and keeping positive emotions.  

In 2020, Nestlé continues to be Thai people’s health companion by travelling nationwide with its interactive booth to visit various supermarkets, bringing fun activities to modern consumers with cutting-edge innovation to delight and excite shoppers throughout the country. Everyone can take part in its fun-filled and informative health activity.

What makes this year’s booth more interesting than ever is the attractive and eye-catching design which invites passers-by to pay a visit to the booth. Begin your experience at the Health Check Station where you can get to know your body beyond what meets the eye with initial health check up, BMI measurement, fat measurement, and more. Don’t forget to keep your emotional health in check with an assessment, with tips and tricks on how to stay happy. Nestlé nutritionists are available to offer guidance and answer any question you may have. If you need more information, you can scan the QR code to receive health tips based on your health results at your fingertips.

After the first two E’s – Eating and Emotions – now it’s time to Exercise. You don’t need to spend big bucks on exercise equipment– just come join special Exercise Interactive Games designed by Nestlé to help you burn calories and have fun at the same time. The games are enjoyable and easy, suitable for every age and gender, with many options to suit your preference. Move fast and collect Nestlé products within the time limit to see your results real time, and challenge other players to beat your score. You also get to take home awesome prizes to continue your health journey at home.

The fun doesn’t end here – another can’t-miss highlight of the booth this year is the use of interactive RFID technology which allows consumers to get nutrition info of each product in an innovative way. Instead of reading traditional labels, Nestlé utilizes innovation to make it even easier to learn about its products simply by placing them on the plate. The screen will display each product’s nutrition facts and health information related to the 3E’s concept. Staying healthy has never been easier! After enjoying the activities, if you want to try some of Nestlé products, you can indulge in free samples at the booth.