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Start good immunity begins with 3Es in your way

เริ่มภูมิคุ้มกันที่ดี เริ่มด้วย 3อ.ในแบบคุณ

Nestle promotes physical and mental health for Thais by setting up personalized wellness booths nationwide

During this challenging time for Thai people, to make everyone in the family to be physically and mentally healthy is one of the ways to help Thai people get ready for challenges to come. Nestlé not only focuses our resources and energy on developing food products, beverage products, and nutritional solution for good health, but we also believe that food is the key to make Thai families healthy. That is why we encourage Thais and their families to have good health with Nestlé Active Thailand Campaign with the 3Es, Eating healthy food, Exercising regularly, and keeping positive Emotion based on individual’s lifestyle because Nestlé believes that everyone has different way of life, so it is not possible for them to take care of their health in the same way.

To reinforce Nestlé’s purpose in unlocking the power of food to enhance quality of life for everyone, today and for generations to come, Nestlé actively encourages Thai people to start getting healthy in an easy way and herewith shows our care for safety of Thai household, giving everyone advices to take care of their own physical and mental health at our Nestlé booths. Just come shopping at any supermarket in your neighbourhood, in addition to our quality products -- whiich is full of good nutritions-- and promotional deals, you can get some tips for your good health at Nestlé booth at which there are 3 main highlights.


First, the Digital wellness solution with Nutritionist is a health corner where you will get to know more in-depth detail about your body. Besides preliminary health checkup, examining body composition such as muscle mass, fat, water level, and bone density, our nutritionists will get into your personal lifestyles. By defining your type of lifestyle whether you are a workaholic, studyholic, screen addicted, housekeeping, relaxed elderly, or a foodie, after giving all the information, you will promptly get the results, and the advices given will be in 2 parts. The first part is advices given according to preliminary health checkup, and the second part is advices on 3Es concepts based on your personal lifestyle under the concept “A good start to good health begins with 3Es in your own way”.

คำแนะนำ 3อ.

For example, if the result indicates that your bone density is low compared to normal and you therefore need to increase calcium intake, the health advices will identify the cause of the problem and guide you deeper into health tips on foods such as suggested daily menus and products that are calcium-rich. The advice will also include behavioral pratices that will help maintain bone density such as avoiding extremely salty food, and exercise. For the advices about 3Es concepts that suits your personal lifestyle for the workaholic or studyholic, for instance, these people spend most of their time working or studying, so they require a lot of thinking and memorizing. Advices on the first E, Eating, will detemine 3 required nutrients namely Vitamin B 12, Vitamin A, and Calcium, and the advices will also include menus and products that are densed in these nutrients. For the second E, Exercise, if you feel that your working or studying schedule is taking so much of your free time that you do not have time for gym, you will be recoommended to stretch your neck, back, and hands every hour at your working or studying station. Use stairs instead of elevator. Walk for 10,000 steps a day (equivalent to distance of 15 football fields). For the last E, Emotion, you may take a break sipping coffee or chocolate to stimulate your thought or listening to music for relaxation.

Moreover, those who get their priliminary health checked at our booth will receive SMS with a link to check their results and detailed health advces as if they have their own personal nutritionist. More importantly, they can consult with Nestlé nutritionist at the booth where RFID technology is interestingly employed, leaving the conservative ways of giving advices behind. Besides, Nestlé has developed online health consultant services called Online Nutritionist Consultation where nutritionist is available to answer your health queations. You can ask, consult and receive advices on physical and mental health maintenance using food and good nutrition. Just dial 1162 or 02-657-8601 EXT 2, or via Facebook Messenger GoodfoodGoodlife by NESTLÉ Thailand Click here to call Monday-Friday 9.00 am – 6.00 pm.


Do not miss out Nestlé health booth, and select Nestlé quality products from stores or online stores with the promotional offers! Giveaways from each stores when you purchase our promotional products: NESCAFÉ, Milo, Bear Brand Milk, Carnation Milk, Maggi, NESVITA, Minere, Nestlé Pure Life, Kit Kat, and etc from Febuary 17, 2021 – April 8, 2021*

*Promotional period, giveaway, and promotional products may vary in each store/ location
Please see promotional period and our booth detail here.