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NESCAFÉ Celebrates International Coffee Day by Recognizing Thailand’s Heroes Who Work Overnight to Make Our Lives Better Offers NESCAFÉ Bonding Sets to Border Patrol Police Nationwide and Midnight Coffee Sampling of 100,000 Cups for Everyday Heroes in Five Provinces

Bangkok – October 1, 2019: When darkness falls and people are relaxing and sleeping at home, Thailand’s heroes are working hard overnight to ensure we all enjoy safe and convenient lives. The unsung heroes of Thailand’s Border Patrol Police protect the country’s frontiers and help people who live near the border, while everyday heroes work through the night to keep our cities clean and safe.  On International Coffee Day, which takes place on the first of October, NESCAFÉ, the number one coffee brand with a long presence of over 46 years in Thailand, held its second-annual NESCAFÉ Day campaign, this year celebrating Thailand’s unsung and everyday heroes.  With the campaign, NESCAFÉ is bringing its brand promise of “Nurturing Stronger Bonds” to life.

NESCAFÉ Day has brought a new dimension to International Coffee Day with the first-ever midnight coffee sampling, which started at midnight on September 30 and ran through the early hours of October 1.  NESCAFÉ teams gave over 100,000 cups of coffee to everyday heroes all over Bangkok during the night, including refuse collectors, street cleaners, firefighters, rescue volunteers and police at alcohol checkpoints in Bangkok. Several other NESCAFÉ teams offered midnight coffee to everyday heroes in Chiang Mai, Nakhon Ratchasima, Surat Thani, and Hatyai.