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Have a break, have a Chocolate

Have a break, have a Chocolate


Chocolate is not only the favorite snack for kids but also the office workers which usually the chocolate bars will be on their working desks in order to relieve their stress. Chocolate can help because it has ‘Flavonoids’ which retain antioxidant abilities to increase endorphins and serotonin, which are so-called happiness and peaceful hormones. Moreover, chocolate can help reduce cortisol hormone that can cause you the stress.

To choose the chocolate that can give you the health benefit on high flavonoids and low calories, you should check the ingredient that contains with the high percentage of cocoa solids from 70%.

However, the appropriate portion is the way to good consumption. For snack, the recommended portion is at 200 calories or 2 small sticks. Also, let the chocolate melting in the mouth slowly when eating, it will give much pleasure feeling to the brain. When eating in large portion and chewing fast, it might lead you to get over-calories. Therefore, eat appropriately and it will be beneficial for you.

Thinking about having a break especially in the late afternoon that many people feel tired from long working day and the lunch meal are fully digested, let’s have a quick chocolate bite to eat. This can help you feel good, relax and be able to go back to work energetically.

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