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KitKat and KitKat Green Tea

KitKat and KitKat Green Tea

KitKat has been delighting consumers all over the world ever since its launch in 1935. It has remained a favorite chocolate treat, thanks to a light wafer texture and smooth milky chocolate. In fact, the KitKat 4-finger pack, which weighs 35 grams, is the best-selling chocolate in Thailand.

This is then combined with consistent branding and great communication to the customer with our famous 'Have a break, have a KitKat.' advertising line. These are the secret ingredients for KitKat's on-going

Now after our success with the Original KitKat and for the first time in Thailand, Nestlé (Thai) Ltd. is officially launching KitKat Green Tea offering Thai consumers a Japanese-inspired break, combining a Delicious and aromatic Matcha green tea with smooth and silky sensation.

KitKat and KitKat Green Tea is available at 7-Eleven, retail stores, and leading supermarkets nationwide

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