Nestlé Pure Life collaborates with WWF Thailand to open the “Youth Water Guardian” Learning Center to encourage water conservation

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Bangkok – 4 June 2018: As water is essential for human life, it’s important to keep water sources clean and sustainable for future generations. Because clean water contributes to a better and healthier future, Nestlé Pure Life, in collaboration with WWF Thailand, opened Thailand’s first “Youth Water Guardian” Learning Center at Saklee Wittaya School in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya province, to embed knowledge about water resource management among students and the general public to help ensure a sustainable community.

Mr. Luca Chioda, Business Executive Officer – Waters, Nestlé (Thai) Ltd., said, “Nestlé Pure Life drinking water is committed to sustainable water stewardship and environmental conservation. We started the Youth Water Guardian Project with WWF Thailand in 2015 to foster understanding about water sources around schools in Ayutthaya province, and to develop the young generation to become water guardians. Nestlé consistently hosts activities to promote water and environmental conservation, and this year, we are taking the project to the next level by extending it from schools to the community. The Youth Water Guardian Learning Center will drive inspiration about water conservation in community schools, as we see them as a core location to promote water conservation among community members, now and in the future. It is also a place for the public to get information about conserving water resources and preserving water quality without any entrance fee, in line with Nestlé’s Purpose of ‘Enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future’.”

Ms. Yaowalak Thiarachow, Country Director, WWF Thailand, said, “WWF Thailand and Nestlé Pure Life drinking water have been in a great partnership over the past four years, from starting up the Youth Water Guardian Project through to today’s opening of the ‘Youth Water Guardian Learning Center.’ The learning center is a foundational activity to build a model that fosters consciousness about preserving water and passes on knowledge so the next generation has clean water to use in the future, which reflects our mutual commitment to sustainable water conservation.”

Maintaining the quality of water requires consistency and strong school and community involvement. The interior of the Youth Water Guardian Learning Center at Saklee Wittaya School in Klong Khanon Chin Community is divided into four stations, which tell the journey from the origin of water and how to keep water resources clean, to the students’ achievements in the Youth Water Guardian Project. The students who lead the project explain the story themselves. The journey begins with Station 1: Where’s the Fresh Water? which provides information about fresh water sources that we use for consumption and in our daily lives. Less than 1% of the world’s water is fresh and accessible. This is why we need to start conserving water today, to ensure a sufficient supply of clean water for the next generation. Station 2: Past & Present of Klong Khanom Chin: The River of Life tells the story of Klong Khanom Chin, the lifeline for the community. The consumption, utilization, and transportation of water by the community of 66,700 people from six districts, which has 24,606 households, all depend on the river. As changes in people’s lifestyles and development may impact this waterway, it’s all the more important for members of the community to take care of this important resource. Station 3: Food Chain and Relations shows the importance of quality water resources. The abundance of rivers leads to a diversity of species that are mutually dependent. When a river gets contaminated or a certain species is gone, other species will be affected. The first three stations provide knowledge, while Station 4: Youth Water Guardian Project creates awareness about the importance of water guardians, for youth as well as the general public, and their role in making water conservation more sustainable.

In addition to the four stations, there is a special station that demonstrates the practical applications from the Youth Water Guardian Project. This includes the “Good Paddle Wheel, Good Filter” from Wang Noi School (Phanomyong Wittaya) and the “Aerator Machine” from Tha Ruea Nittaya Nukun School. There is also an exhibition in Saklee Wittaya School, where the Youth Water Guardian Learning Center is located, that shows how the school radically changed local water conditions from contaminated to clean in just four months, becoming a model for other schools and the neighboring community. The school transformed its 33 rai of land for optimum use, notably in five areas: A floating fish cage and small shrimp cage; river snail cage; mushroom nursery; lotus stem pool, and vegetable raft pool. The items that are produced are prepared for student lunches and also generate income for the school.

“Nestlé Pure Life drinking water expects that the Youth Water Guardian Learning Center will help to foster greater awareness among Thais, and among people in Phra Nakorn Si Ayutthaya Province in particular, who can play an important role as water guardians. This begins with children who will grow up with a Planet of Possibilities, and have quality water for healthy hydration for them and their families,” concluded Mr. Chioda.

Notes to the Editor

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