NESTLÉ PURE LIFE collaborates with WWF-Thailand to raise awareness of water conservation among youth through the “Youth Water Guardian” Project

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  • Youth Water GuardianProject aims to create awareness about water resource conservation for secondary school students in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya province and develop the next generation of water guardians.
  • Youth Water GuardianProject activity demonstrates NESTLÉ PURE LIFEs determination to conserve water resources and encourage environmental sustainability while reflecting the Nestlé Purpose ofEnhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier futurefor our planet.

Bangkok - November 23, 2017NESTLÉ PURE LIFE, in collaboration with WWF-Thailand, continues with the Youth Water GuardianProject for the third year. The project was initiated to create awareness and provide secondary school students in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya province with insights into water resource conservation and give them the opportunity to apply knowledge in real practice to develop the quality of the water supplies around their school. The project is in line with NESTLÉ PURE LIFEs vision of sustainable water stewardship and environmental conservation, while also reflecting the Nestlé Purpose of Enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future for our planet. NESTLÉ PURE LIFE plans to expand the project in 2018 by establishing a Youth Water Guardian Learning Center and taking measures to restore the Kanomchin Canal.

Todays activity took place at Saklee Wittaya School in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya province, which is the projects pilot school. Dr.Therawat Wannanus, Director of Secondary Educational Service Area Office 3, Mr. Luca Chioda, Business Executive Officer Waters, Nestlé (Thai) Ltd., and Mr. Noppharat Nuangchamnong, Sustainable Markets Manager, WWF-Thailand, a representative of the main project partner, joined the activity along with
Mr. Phaiboon Phoothong, Director of the Water Resources Division, and Ayutthaya Provincial Office of Natural Resources and Environment

Mr. Chioda said, NESTLÉ PURE LIFE recognizes the importance of water resource conservation, as water is the origin of all creatures in the ecosystem and essential for human consumption. Our objective is environmental sustainability to safeguard water to ensure a supply of clean water is available for future generations. This is why we organized the Youth Water Guardian Project, a water stewardship program in collaboration with WWF-Thailand, which provides a water conservation agenda for the Ayutthaya community, starting with schools located near the NESTLÉ PURE LIFE factory. By increasing childrens awareness of water conservation, they better appreciate the importance of this essential resource. Not only do we want them to understand the importance of keeping water clean we also must ensure our children know how to safeguard precious water resources for future generations. We have equipped students at over 17 schools with the knowledge needed to improve the quality of water sources around their schools as they become the next generation of water guardians who will help protect our water resources for the future.”

Mr. Noppharat Nuangchamnong, Sustainable Markets Manager, WWF-Thailand said, WWF is delighted to be a part of theYouth Water Guardian Project. We share the same goal with NESTLÉ PURE LIFE of conserving water for future generations. We realize water resources play a key role and is a fundamental requirement for all lives. As we have the same beliefs as NESTLÉ PURE LIFE, WWF has been happy to partner with them on the Youth Water GuardianProject over the past three years, helping Thai children to understand the role they play in conserving water for themselves and their communities, while preserving the natural environment for the future generation.”

Three years into the Youth Water Guardian Project, which started in 2015, Saklee Wittaya School has been chosen as a pilot school due to its strong collaboration network. Project highlights include improving the quality of sewage treatment in the areas surrounding the school, which has increased the waters oxygen level from
0 mg/L to 8 mg/L (3 mg/L is the minimum level to serve as habitat for aquatic creatures) while turning the water clear within a period of four months.  This has become a pilot project for many other schools in both the local and neighboring communities. Over 33 rai of the area around Saklee Wittaya School have also been developed to provide the greatest benefits, with five zones including ditches for fish and tiny shrimps; bitter shells; a mushroom nursery; a lotus stem pond; and a vegetable pond. The crops harvested from the vegetable pond are used to prepare lunch for all students at the school, and can also be sold to generate income.

NESTLÉ PURE LIFEs goal in 2018 is to expand the water conservation project from the school to the community level through two initiatives. First, a Learning Centerat Saklee Wittaya School will open next year to provide activities and education about water conservation to the general public. The learning center will not only feature the award-winning initiative by Saklee Wittaya School, but also the other 17 schools that have participated in the project. Second is the restoration of the Kanomchin Canal, which flows through the Sena and Ladbualuang districts, so it has good water quality again by working as a network of schools, the community, and government authorities. Restoring the Kanomchin canal will also be a pilot project for other water conservation models in the future

On behalf of NESTLÉ PURE LIFE drinking water, I would like to thank WWF-Thailand as well as local organizations the Department of Water Resources, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya; the Department of Groundwater Resources; Office of the Basic Education Commission; and Phranakon Si Ayutthaya Rajabhat University, for being excellent partners that make a tremendous contribution to the success of this project,concluded Mr. Chioda.


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