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NESCAFÉ SHAKE Creates Iced-Coffee Shake Phenomenon,Invites New-Gen Coffee Lovers to Shake It Your Way!

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Mr. Apiwat Iriyapichat, Senior Marketing Manager – Premium, PSC & Creamer, Nestlé (Thai) Ltd.; and Ms. Onvadee Swasdipanich, , Marketing Manager –PSC & Creamer, Nestlé (Thai) Ltd.; host the “Shake Your Day” event for NESCAFÉ SHAKE 2018 to help create an iced-coffee shake phenomenon .

Bangkok–May 15, 2018: NESCAFÉ SHAKE is back! NESCAFÉ RED CUP and Nestlé COFFEE-MATE have kicked off the “NESCAFÉ SHAKE 2018” campaign to welcome the summer. NESCAFÉ SHAKE has returned to help drive the personalized coffee trend and tap into the new generation of coffee lovers. Last year’s launch of NESCAFÉ SHAKE 4.0 was a great success, strengthening NESCAFÉ RED CUP’s total brand image by increasing brand relevance and appreciation of NESCAFÉ RED CUP among coffee lovers as the “Brand for Me” to 89% and “A brand that gives you a fresh start” to 87%. This summer, NESCAFÉ SHAKE is back under the “Shake Your Day” concept, creating a new phenomenon of having iced coffee by shaking it for a uniquely delicious taste, refreshing feeling, and more fun than ever with a combination of two quality products – NESCAFÉ RED CUP Pasom Kafe Kua Bod La-iad, a more aromatic and smoother taste of coffee, and new Nestlé COFFEE-MATE Milky, with a nice milky aroma and the smoothest taste. An integrated online and offline marketing strategy will be used to reach a target of new-generation coffee lovers. They will also be invited to experience “Shake Your Day,” a fun and refreshing space specially created for NESCAFÉ SHAKE at Siam Square One, to build brand engagement with new-gen coffee lovers this summer by offering them a cool and fun shake experience.

Many Thai coffee lovers now prefer a personalized cup of coffee, as shown in steady growth of around 28.7% for Pure Soluble Coffee penetration of household coffee consumption. According to a usage and attitude survey on Thai consumers’ coffee consumption, the new gen’s first cup of coffee is usually iced coffee due to Thailand’s year-round hot weather, which is increasing the popularity of iced coffee. This coincides with Thai consumers’ coffee drinking behavior, which demonstrates the increasing importance of the coffee drinking experience as well as choosing products that are unique and meet their preferences. These are the reasons why NESCAFÉ RED CUP decided to launch NESCAFÉ SHAKE 2018.

Mr. Apiwat Iriyapichat, Senior Marketing Manager – Premium, PSC & Creamer, Nestlé (Thai) Ltd., said, “Recently, the iced coffee market has been expanding very fast with a growing trend towards personalized coffee. This presents a good opportunity for NESCAFÉ RED CUP and Nestlé COFFEE-MATE to create a new phenomenon of drinking iced coffee shakes. Bringing together two quality products, NESCAFÉ RED CUP Pasom Kafe Kua Bod La-iad, a more aromatic and smoother cup of coffee, and new Nestlé COFFEE-MATE Milky, with a nice milky aroma and the smoothest taste, the NESCAFÉ Shaker is designed for new-gen coffee lovers. With its modern style and a handy grip that is easy to use, coffee lovers can enjoy creating a variety of café-style iced coffees – just make it your own way and shake!”

“We will support NESCAFÉ SHAKE 2018 with integrated marketing communications. For online channels, we have the ‘Shake-hostess’ online TVC, renowned social influencers such as the ‘Tiger Cry’ channel, plus a performer from the Lipta band sharing the Shake 2018 experience with new-gen coffee lovers. The offline marketing campaign includes point-of-purchase media and a ‘Shake Your Day’ consumer event at Siam Square One featuring stars popular with the new generation such as Singto-Krist from Sotus the series, who will be sharing the Shake experience of unique taste and freshness. All of these initiatives are targeted directly at new-gen coffee lovers,” added Mr. Apiwat.

Thai coffee lovers can now experience the new way to create their own coffee drink in three different ways through three unique levels of shaking:

  • Shake level 1: Full-blended coffee made with a mild shake to mix the coffee well.
  • Shake level 2: Coffee with a soft foam made using a strong shake to impress you right from the first sip.
  • Shake level 3: Coffee with an extremely cold and refreshing feeling from crushed ice, made with a quick and strong shake for 12 seconds.

To check out the Shake-hostess TVC, learn the shake methods, and see a variety of café-style coffee creations, visit the NESCAFÉ Thailand Facebook Fanpage at

Coffee lovers can get a free NESCAFÉ Shaker 2018 when purchasing NESCAFÉ RED CUP and Nestlé COFFEE-MATE in any packaging type and size worth 289 baht or more at participating stores and supermarkets nationwide, from today until 31 May 2018.



Notes to the Editor

Nestlé is the world’s largest food and beverage company. It is present in 191 countries around the world, and its 328,000 employees are committed to Nestlé’s purpose of enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future. Nestlé offers a wide portfolio of products and services for people and their pets throughout their lives. Its more than 2,000 brands range from global icons like NESCAFÉ or NESPRESSO to local favourites like BEAR BRAND or MINERÉ. Company performance is driven by its Nutrition, Health and Wellness strategy. Nestlé is based in the Swiss town of Vevey where it was founded more than 150 years ago

Products under the NESCAFÉ brand are distributed by Nestlé (Thai) Ltd., which is a company that is 100% owned by Nestlé S.A. in Switzerland. The NESCAFÉ product portfolio includes NESCAFÉ RED CUP, NESCAFÉ BLEND & BREW, NESCAFÉ GOLD, NESCAFÉ Can Ready-to-Drink, NESCAFÉ PROTECT PROSLIM, and NESCAFÉ DOLCE GUSTO.

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