MAGGI Kitchen Fulfilling the New Normal

MAGGI Kitchen
MAGGI, a requisite seasoning sauce of all households, unveiled a new business model, MAGGI Kitchen, joining in the food delivery market to enhance its brand awareness and capture the rising business opportunities by responding to the new normal lifestyle of city dwellers, especially of those working in an office and new generation moms who do not have enough time to cook for themselves and their family. MAGGI Kitchen aims to deliver freshly-cooked meal boxes which are guaranteed in terms of quality, good taste and uniqueness thanks to creativity of Chef Gigg – Kamol Chobdee-ngam, the champion of Iron Chef Thailand Season I.
Ms. Cruawan Varunpaichit, Business Executive Officer – Food and Nestlé Professional, Nestlé Indochina, stated that “over the past 60 years, MAGGI has established unique memories through delicious meals for Thai people. We believe in the goodness of food and would like to enhance the quality of life of each consumer. Therefore, we are determined to encourage consumers to cook delicious fresh food that fulfills appetite and is clean every day. However, due to the new normal lifestyle of Bangkokians, which is challenging in terms of time restriction, MAGGI would like to offer appetizing experience which is readily available at MAGGI Kitchen to pass on food that is delicious and quality-guaranteed to consumers’ hands. In this occasion, MAGGI has cooperated with Chef Gigg to make special menus, conveying passionate stories of Chinese-Thai style cooking to the city dwellers.”
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The new normal lifestyle results in changes of consumers’ behaviors. City people tend to pick the best things for themselves and pay more attention to their health and what they eat. Convenience and accessibility to goods and services are their top priorities and key factors in making a decision. This emphasizes the positive trend of the food delivery business which consistently grows, especially during the past few months, with an average of 140,000 deliveries per day and predicted growth of 50 billion baht within the next 3 years. Amid the fierce competition of food delivery market that values more than 35 billion baht, MAGGI launched MAGGI Kitchen to serve the flavorful taste with quality by handpicking simple and popular menus, which have been upgraded by adding MAGGI seasoning sauce that has distinctive aroma thanks to natural fermentation and authentic fresh ingredients. All dishes are guaranteed by the iron chef champion and offered at affordable prices. In this regard, a marketing budget has been allocated to build the brand and create brand awareness. Initially, MAGGI Kitchen will be providing the service through leading food applications, such as Grab Food, Food Panda, LINE MAN Wongnai and Gojek. Its kitchen or point of service is located at The Market Bangkok and the delivery service is available within 8 kilometers therefrom. The business development plan will start from creating brand awareness among town people through its official Instagram @MAGGI_Kitchen_Thailand, advertising in food aggregators and influencers.
MAGGI Kitchen currently offers 16 menu items, with the prices start from only 89 baht. These menus are created and superintended by Chef Gigg – Kamol Chobdee-ngam, a champion chef who has worked with MAGGI throughout the past 2 years. In addition to his top-class cooking style, Chef Gigg is able to convey his stories and good memories about food through remarkable taste that perfectly blends with MAGGI sauces. The menus offered by MAGGI Kitchen are divided into 2 categories: 6 menus in MAGGI Kitchen Signature created by MAGGI’s chef team and 10 menus from MAGGI Kitchen x Chef Gigg collaboration. The signatures range from MAGGI Caramelized Pork with Rice to MAGGI Braised Chicken with Rice while the menus created by Chef Gigg are a combination of Thai and Chinese styles, such as Victory Monument’s Rice Noodle Pad Thai, Auntie Toi’s Thai Shrimp Paste Fried Rice, and Beef Tongue Stew with Rice. Moreover, MAGGI is also conscious of environmental issues and active on single-used plastic reduction policy. Every single order made by MAGGI Kitchen will be well packed in food boxes that are recyclable. In this regard, consumers can also opt out of plastic cutlery when ordering the foods from service providers’ platforms.
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Ms. Cruawan Varunpaichit commented about MAGGI Kitchen that “we’re glad we’ve got this chance to leverage our expertise in food by using MAGGI sauces, which is a favorite among Thai consumers, into the launch of MAGGI Kitchen. We wish to deliver delicious and quality experience and are determined that every time you unbox the food ordered from MAGGI Kitchen, you will experience freshness as if you were having it at the restaurant. We expect that our handpicked menus will fulfill appetite of the new generations and be a favorite alternative of consumers.” Moreover, MAGGI also expected that the launch of the new business MAGGI Kitchen would help drive the overall sales volume at the end of the year and attain consistent growth for the company. #MAGGIKitchen #MAGGIxChefGigg #ความอร่อยจากครัวเราถึงมือคุณ @MAGGI_Kitchen_Thailand