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Steamed chicken with soybean sauce

Steamed chicken with soybean sauce

During the Chinese Lunar New Year, many of you might get bored of eating the feast food from pork, duck, chicken pray set. We’d like to introduce the yummy menu that can change the normal menu to be wow one that every family member can enjoy - steamed chicken with fermented soybean with dipping sauce



Ingredient (for 16 portions)

steamed or boiled chicken



chicken (1.5 kg)
cooking sauce  tablespoon
oyster sauce  tablespoon
fermented whole soybean  tablespoons
soy sauce  tablespoon
ginger, lightly pounded  pieces
garlic, lightly pounded  pieces
chinese wine  tablespoon
ginger, sliced and spring onion, 1 ½ inch sliced  tablespoons
red peper, 1 ½ inch sliced  piece
water  1/2  cup

Ingredient for dipping sauce

cooking sauce 




red chili  pieces
ginger  tablespoon
sugar  teaspoons
lime juice  tablespoons


How to cook:


1. Cut the chicken to be big chunk and leave aside. Then, mix the cooking sauce, oyster sauce, fermented whole soybean, soy sauce and water together



2. Arrange the chicken onto the plate while putting the ginger and garlic together, then pour the mixing sauce throughout the chicken. Steam over the boiled water for 30 minutes in order to let the sauce get into the chicken to be juicy and tender



3. Put the spring onion, red pepper, sliced ginger and Chinese wine on top of the steamed chicken. Close the lid for a while and turn off the light. This will help aroma of ginger will go well together with fermented bean. Then, ready to serve with the ginger dipping sauce.



4. Mixing the dipping sauce by pounding red chili and ginger together. Season with cooking sauce, lime juice and sugar



Cooking Tip


  • Mixing all seasonings and pour over the chicken before steaming. This technique will help the chicken on top absorbing the seasoning and makes chicken tastier
  • To improve the tastiness of this dish, eat with the special dipping menu with the cooking sauce that made from the natural fermentation process. This will keep the unique taste which every family members loves to try and taste.

Health Tip

For the benefit of health to your body, selecting the way to cook is important. Steaming is the method to cook with steam which the food would be touched directly to the water. This will help keep all food nutritions which is very good for the health.

For steaming method, choosing the right container that is heat-proof like glass or ceremic is also important. Melanie and plastic is not recommended. One more point is fresh ingredients with full benefit like ginger, spring onion, red pepper that contains antioxidants to fight with cancer, release sweat, control the blood pressure, reduce the blood fat levels, and care the heart. For the seasoning, choose the cooking sauce that is made from soybean with 100% natural fermentation will enhance the better tast