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Start the day with Polyphenols in coffee

Polyphenols in coffee


For many people, coffee is one of the most important things in daily life. They drink coffee everyday because of aromatic smell that can make them relax, energetic and lively. Apart from the aroma that can give you the good mood in every morning, coffee also has “Polyphenols” which is the dietary antioxidants.


โพลีฟีนอลในกาแฟOur body is attacked by oxidants all the time. These oxidants are the movable molecular with high sensitivity. The process of oxidation will damage cell membranes and other structures including cellular proteins and lipids which will cause the wrinkles on the face & skin and other chronic diseases like ischemic heart disease, cataract, hypertension, dyslipidemia, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, cancer etc.



โพลีฟีนอลในกาแฟThese oxidants can be found in the body all the time. It can be from both inside the bodies like during metabolism, respiration, exercise or outside like stress, air pollution infection. Moreover, when we are aging, every single body’s cell will produce more oxidants while the ability to repair and reduce the oxidants will be decreased. When combining these 2 factors together, it will fasten the process of body decline.


Your body is needed the antioxidants to fight with oxidants. It’s found that the fresh, non-roasted coffee beans are full of natural antioxidents or polyphenols called “Chlorogenic acid”. For the roasted coffee beans, Chlorogenic acid will be combined with carbohydrate, amino acid and protein to become another type of polyphenols called “Melanoidin” which is still contained the antioxidants. Therefore, just drinking a cup of coffee every morning can be beneficial than you think.



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