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Microwave-baked Mocha Mug cake

Microwave-baked Mocha Mug cake

Coffee contains antioxidants that can help reduce stress and make you happy. Apart from making a drink, the aroma of coffee is popular to use as baking ingredients. This menu is coffee cake that improves the taste of coffee by adding milo chocolate and it’s become mocha. Then, use this as ingredient to bake the cake in microwave within 5 minutes.

Ingredient (for 2 portions)

All-purpose flour  tablespoons 
Vanilla extract  1/2  teaspoon 
Baking soda  1/4  teaspoon 
Sugar  tablespoons 
Nescafe  teaspoon 
Milo  tablespoons 
Egg no. 3  egg 
Cooking oil  tablespoon 
Fresh milk  tablespoon 


How to bake:

1. mix the flour, coffee, milo first then mix together well with the rest of ingredient which are milk, egg, cooking oil, vanilla extract and sugar

2. It’s become thick liquid with the aroma from coffee, cocao of Milo and vanilla

3. pour into the microwavable mug and put into microwave for 2 minutes

4. After that, you will get the fluffy soft mocha cake with coffee aroma that can easily baked within 5 minutes.

Cooking Tip

  • The unbaked mix can be kept in the fridge
  • To make it more tasty, adding cereals or dried fruits is recommended

Health Tip

Coffee is beneficial for body’s nerve system when you drink it at the appropriate level. Coffee will help stimulate the central nervous system which will keep you awake, have better concentration on work, relieve stress, make you happy and reduce the head ache.