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Great tips to take 100 calories away

Great tips to take 100 calories away

Your body needs energy to make all organs function properly and be able to do any kind of activities in daily life. When you eat too much, the energy level will be exceeded than needed and it will cause you gain weight.

7,700 calories intake will turn to be 1 kilogram weight increase. Therefore, if we can reduce the consumption to get less of 500 calories everyday, it will help reduce ½ kilogram per week. If not in hurry, just 100 calories per day will also simply help you reduce weight at ½ kilogram within 5 weeks.

At the beginning, it sounds not a big deal but if you can continuously work on it for the whole year, it can help reduce 4.5 kilogram in total and it is good for your health in the long term.

If you don’t consider to diet, another option is to use more energy at 100 calories than normal and keep the same portion of intake consistently. With these easy movement and activities, you can simply burn 100 calories.

Activity Time spent (minute)
jogging 10
rope jumping 10
quick weight lifting 15
walking up the stairs instead of using lift 15
running up the stairs 6
static biking 15
badminton 20
fast walking 20
gardening   25
walking the dog 30
car washing 30
pushing the cart in the department store 40

*Calculated from 60 kilogram weight person

And if you are looking for the helping hand, choose the coffee that have the ingredients of white kidney bean extract and fiber. White kidney bean will help reduce the energy from carbohydrate and fiber will help you full and not eating too much. Just simple tip, it’s so easy.

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