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เนสกาแฟ โพรเทค โพรสลิม
As a leader in the global food and beverage industry, Nestlé is moving forward by continuously developing eco-friendly packaging innovations. The company has just become the first in the global coffee industry to introduce primary packaging using a laminated stick made from monostructure plastic for “NESCAFÉ PROTECT PROSLIM,” produced using Nestlé’s proprietary technology and designed for recycling. The launch of this new packaging reinforces Nestlé’s mission of pursuing sustainability, with an aim to make 100% of its packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025. Last year, NESCAFÉ PROTECT PROSLIM changed its secondary packaging to paper in line with the growing “love the earth” trend.
Mr. Nophadol Siwabutr, Director for Corporate Affairs, Nestlé (Thai) Ltd., said, “As a manufacturer responsible to society, the environment, and consumers, Nestlé never stops developing environmentally-friendly innovations. The launch of this eco-friendly packaging for NESCAFÉ PROTECT PROSLIM reflects our commitment. We collaborated closely with global and local suppliers as well as the Nestlé research center to develop a laminated stick, made from monostructure plastic called Polyolefin, which is produced using Nestlé’s proprietary technology. Nestlé Thailand is the first manufacturer in the global coffee industry to use this packaging innovation, which maintains coffee quality while being environmentally friendly, as it’s easier to recycle because it needs no layer separation.”
Most laminated sticks are made from layers of different materials to protect the contents from moisture and oxygen. When being recycled, this type of packaging requires separation of different material layers, which means it cannot be recycled through a single process.

Mr. Noppadol added that Nestlé has also changed the secondary packaging for NESVITA, MILO, and KitKat to monostructure plastic. Recently, the company launched MILO UHT with a paper straw to reduce the amount of single-use plastic it uses.
Ms. Naritta Vipulyasekha, Business Manager – NESCAFÉ Coffee Mixes, Nestlé (Thai) Ltd., said research by Nielsen found that 81% of Thai consumers accepted that they needed to change their consumption habits to reduce environmental impact. One of the ways to do this is looking for products from environmentally-friendly brands as part of embracing a pro-environmental lifestyle.
“NESCAFÉ places great importance on developing both product and packaging innovations so we can deliver quality and eco-friendly products to consumers, which reflects our goal of nurturing stronger bonds with Thai people for more than 47 years. This is why we launched NESCAFÉ PROTECT PROSLIM in a new laminated stick made solely from monostructure plastic, with the unique characteristics of being air and moisture proof while designed for recycling. Previously, NESCAFÉ Thailand became the first country to change secondary packaging for NESCAFÉ PROTECT PROSLIM to paper, also to reduce plastic waste. NESCAFÉ is now moving forward by introducing an eco-friendly packaging innovation that corresponds to the values of the new generation and their behavioral changes that emphasize doing good for the environment,” she said.

Join us in helping to protect the earth and reduce plastic waste with NESCAFÉ PROTECT PROSLIM, now available in a 17-stick pack at 180 baht, and a four-stick pack at 50 baht, at leading retail stores, convenience stores, supermarkets, and hypermarkets nationwide.