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Nescafé Red Cup Origin Selection Surathani

เนสกาแฟ เรดคัพ ออริจิน ซีเล็คชั่น กาแฟสู่สากล
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NESCAFÉ Elevates Local Coffee Beans with the Launch of “NESCAFÉ RED CUP ORIGIN SELECTION SURATHANI” Enjoy this Limited-edition Single-origin Coffee Made From Award-winning Robusta Beans Grown Respectfully in Surathani Province

Bangkok – July 23, 2020: NESCAFÉ RED CUP is building on the success of its previous Origin Selection product line by elevating coffee beans from Surathani province with the launch of new, limited-edition NESCAFÉ RED CUP Origin Selection Surathani, a single-origin coffee made from award-winning Robusta beans grown respectfully by a coffee grower in Surathani to delight coffee lovers throughout Thailand.

The new single-origin coffee is made from award-winning, high-quality Robusta coffee beans chosen during the NESCAFÉ Robusta Contest 2020, the first contest in Thailand to find the country’s best Robusta coffee beans. They were grown respectfully with love and care by Mr. Pongsak Balmuang, a coffee grower from Surathani, then went through a special dark roasting process using NESCAFÉ’s proprietary MRC (Micronized Roasted Coffee) technology.

New NESCAFÉ RED CUP Origin Selection Surathani has a smooth taste with a strong body, plus a rich nutty aroma that suggests a hint of dark chocolate, offering a unique and delightful experience to coffee lovers like never before.

It was co-created for Thai people who crave authenticity while caring for the community. According to recent research by Kantar on Food & Beverage Trends, the micro-localization trend has been increasing in Thailand over the past few years. Thai consumers now look for products and services that are sustainable and locally sourced, with traditional and local ingredients given a modern twist and format, as a way to support their local communities.

Mr. Jojo Dela Cruz, Business Executive Officer – Coffee and Creamer Business Unit, Nestlé (Thai) Ltd., said, “This latest coffee innovation is truly the pride of Surathani and Thai people as NESCAFÉ joins together with a local coffee farmer to co-create a new product. With the selected, finest-quality Robusta coffee beans grown with love and care by Mr. Balmuang then processed using NESCAFÉ’s advanced MRC technology, we can offer Thai coffee drinkers the unique experience of a great cup of single-origin Robusta coffee with new NESCAFÉ RED CUP Origin Selection Surathani.”

“This new product is part of NESCAFÉ Grown Respectfully Program, a global initiative to help farmers sustainably grow better quality coffee to improve their well-being and quality of life. We are sure new NESCAFÉ RED CUP Origin Selection Surathani will delight coffee lovers while helping to elevate the Robusta coffee standard and strengthen the reputation of Thai coffee growers while uplifting their quality of life. This is our way of nurturing stronger bonds with Thai coffee growers and coffee lovers through local innovation,” added Mr. Dela Cruz.

For the NESCAFÉ Robusta Contest 2020, held earlier this year, samples of Robusta coffee beans from 25 coffee growers nationwide were submitted and judged using the 4C Common Code of Conduct for the Coffee Community and the NESCAFÉ coffee standard to determine four finalists. Due to their outstanding quality and marvelous taste, all judges unanimously chose Mr. Balmuang’s Robusta beans as the winner.

Enjoy special limited-edition NESCAFÉ RED CUP Origin Selection Surathani, available in two sizes: a 45-gram pack for 39 baht and a 90-gram pack for 79 baht, at leading supermarkets and hypermarkets nationwide and online shopping platform from now until October 2020.