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New and Improved NESCAFÉ RED CUP

เนสกาแฟชวนคนไทย “เริ่มเช้าวันใหม่ที่ดีกว่า” ด้วยเนสกาแฟ เรดคัพ สูตรปรับปรุงใหม่
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Making Thai People’s Mornings Start Better with the Launch of New and Improved NESCAFÉ RED CUP

Bangkok – June 1, 2020: NESCAFÉ, Thailand’s number one coffee brand, is making Thai people’s mornings start better with new and improved NESCAFÉ Red Cup, now with Arabica Micronized Roasted Coffee (MRC) (“Pasom Kafe Kua Bod La-iad”) to make it more aromatic, smoother, and richer in taste. Available for the first time in Thailand, new and improved NESCAFÉ Red Cup is the new norm for a “Better Cup” of pure soluble coffee, with the smoother and richer taste of Arabica MRC and an aroma that delights the senses to make mornings more special.

New and improved NESCAFÉ Red Cup is being introduced through a launch campaign that includes a commercial featuring brand ambassador Sunny Suwanmethanont under the concept of a “Better Cup, Better Start.” There is also a collaboration with Boyd Kosiyabong, a leading composer and music producer, to create a new single called “Better Morning Start,” a remake of Boyd’s hit song “Perd.” The launch campaign will have a music video featuring Sunny, as well as five famous artists who will sing the new song together, including Chalatit (Ben) Tantiwut, the original singer of the song Perd, Saksit (Tor) Vejsupaporn, Nattapat (Puifaii AF) Wipatcorntragoon, Bordin (Pae) Chalearnraj, and Wut Wongsunsern, to inspire Thai people to keep going, rise above the challenge, and choose to start every single day better. The song begins with familiar lyrics that Thai people know from many years ago, with additional words of inspiration crafted by Boyd Kosiyabong for a better morning start for every Thai.

Mr. Victor Seah, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Nestlé Indochina, said, “As market leader, NESCAFÉ Red Cup continues to delight coffee lovers by constantly revitalizing the coffee experience for the better. Three years ago, we introduced MRC to enhance the overall coffee experience and take it to the next level. This year, we are making NESCAFÉ Red Cup even better with the addition of Arabica MRC. This is the first NESCAFÉ Red Cup product innovation to have Arabica MRC, which makes it smoother and more aromatic with a richer flavor. I am sure that it will delight Thai consumers and help their mornings start better. This is our way of saying ‘thank you’ to all coffee lovers who have been delighted with NESCAFÉ Red Cup for all these years. The launch also reinforces NESCAFÉ’s brand promise of ‘Nurturing Stronger Bonds’ among Thai people by sharing the great taste and aroma of coffee and encouraging them to move forward in their daily lives.”

Mr. Jojo Dela Cruz, Business Executive Officer – Coffee and Creamer Business Unit, Nestlé (Thai) Ltd., said, “More and more Thai people enjoy personalizing and drinking coffee at home or in the office to kick start their mornings. This is why we are introducing new and improved NESCAFÉ Red Cup with Arabica MRC, Nestlé’s proprietary technology, which makes our coffee smoother and more aromatic. It’s produced at the Quality Coffee Products factory located in Chachoengsao, one of the country’s most advanced coffee factories which has received Thai FDA Quality Awards for six consecutive years in recognition of its high-quality coffee production. It’s also certified with the Healthier Choice logo.”

“The launch of new and improved NESCAFÉ Red Cup is taking the in-home coffee experience to a new level with a better cup and better morning start, at the same price. This is part of our effort to delight every coffee lover and give you better value with each cup of coffee. We are confident we will continue to inspire and delight all coffee lovers out there and make their mornings better with new and improved NESCAFÉ Red Cup, now with Arabica MRC. We will continue on our journey of ensuring we delight every coffee lover’s morning by offering a better cup experience with NESCAFÉ Red Cup for many years to come,” added Jojo.

Coffee drinkers can enjoy new and improved NESCAFÉ Red Cup with Arabica MRC in two variants, which are Original and Espresso Roast. Both are available in different sizes to suit your needs and preferences from two gram sticks and a 45 gram pouch to the biggest size and best value 380 gram box for the coffee lovers out there. The popular NESCAFÉ Red Cup 45 gram size is priced at 30 baht and gives you 22 cups of coffee. It’s widely available in convenience stores and leading supermarkets and hypermarkets nationwide.