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'NESCAFÉ LATTE an Unexpected Coffee Experience

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NESCAFÉ Introduces New “NESCAFÉ LATTE” to Deliver an Unexpected Coffee Experience, Forms First Content Marketing Collaboration with Nadao Bangkok to Reach the New Generation
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Bangkok – February 14, 2020: The new generation, who enjoy drinking coffee mix out of home and follow trends such as bubble tea fever, is a turning point for NESCAFÉ, Thailand’s coffee mix market leader, as it aims to attract even more young coffee lovers with the launch of new “NESCAFÉ LATTE.” This new range of coffee mixes offers an unexpected taste sensation and a fun coffee experience with two unique flavors: Milk Tea Espresso and Caramel Biscuit. The launch strengthens NESCAFÉ’s coffee mix portfolio by increasing the variety of coffee mix products offered to meet the needs of consumers in all segments.
NESCAFÉ is also breaking the rules of conventional coffee marketing, taking it to another level by using a content marketing strategy through its first partnership with Nadao Bangkok. Together, they are creating a new style of marketing campaign to treat young coffee lovers by introducing Ice Paris and Jayjay Kritsanabhum as brand ambassadors who will encourage unexpected experiences among coffee lovers.
NESCAFÉ, as the leader in Thailand’s coffee mix market, continues innovating to address constantly-changing consumer lifestyle needs. Over the past few years, NESCAFÉ has successfully launched new NESCAFÉ BLEND & BREW, the leader in the coffee mix market, as well as NESCAFÉ Americano, for consumers who love black coffee. NESCAFÉ’s new challenge this year is to expand its customer base among the new generation, especially university students and first jobbers.
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Ms. Naritta Vipulyasekha, Business Manager – NESCAFÉ Coffee Mixes, Nestle (Thai) Ltd., said, “Among young consumers, there is a trend towards greater interest in coffee mixes. NESCAFÉ’s coffee mixes product group enjoyed 1.5% growth in sales volume last year, which is higher than 0.7% growth of the total coffee mix market, which is valued at 16.341 billion baht. Today, young consumers enjoy drinking more flavored coffee out of home as well as having bubble milk tea fever. NESCAFÉ saw an opportunity to run the market by maximizing the base of young-generation consumers who now drink coffee on many occasions and not just in the morning, which is the prime time for coffee, but also after lunch or in the evening, or when they would like to refresh themselves such as while studying for exams.”
“Insights from research into new-generation consumers showed they are looking for something new and exciting all the time, including coffee that has a delicious taste and is not traditional. This led to the development of ‘NESCAFÉ LATTE,’ a new coffee mix product range created under the concept ‘New NESCAFÉ LATTE Redefine coffee experience with unexpected twist of flavors’. To ensure we reach the new generation of consumers so they understand how we meet their needs, we have allocated a 50-million-baht budget for this launch,” she added.
NESCAFÉ LATTE offers more than the usual coffee flavor, with hidden and unexpected tastes in every sense through the unique combination of the rich aroma of Robusta coffee in NESCAFÉ’s style together with two delightful new flavors. Milk Tea Espresso blends Robusta coffee with black tea, which offers the intense flavor and pleasant aroma that goes perfectly with Robusta coffee, and Caramel Biscuit, which combines Robusta coffee with a hint of delightful caramel for a well-balanced and rich flavor.
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