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Nestlé Employee Volunteer


Nestlé Thailand always emphasizes and encourages its employees to do good deeds for others apart from their usual duty. Employees as part of the company should contribute something to the society or community that we live in. Due to this, a Nestlé Employee Volunteer Project has been launched in 2005. We believes that volunteer works will help employees understand the concept of contribution, collaboration and good relationship. It is a closely-knitted group of people striving for the same goal in developing the community. Participating the volunteer works regularly can help improving one’s mindset and creating employees relation.

Number of social contribution programs are available for employees to participate. The program includes:-

  • New Life After Tsunami project in 3 southern villages – repairing boats, planting mangrove, community relation
  • New Life project at Kanjanaburi – planting palm trees to create additional income in the long run
  • Duang Prateep Foundation Scholarship Program in Bangkok - help translating underprivileged students’ letters written to their scholarship donors abroad
  • Baan Hintern School, Prachin Buri – improving play ground, planting trees etc. and a lot more