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Throughout the 16 years of the operation of Chachoengsao Factory (Quality Coffee Products Ltd.), physical and mental health of employees is one of management’s major concern. Employees at the QCP Factory are encouraged to do activities to promote their physical and mental health and as well are fully supported to run the anti-drug activities in surrounding community. The ‘To Be Number One’ anti-drug campaign under the initiation and patronage of Princess Ubolratana Rajakanya, aims to promote the prevention of drug traffic spreading in the workplace, to find solution for such problems and heal them.

QCP To Be Number One Club was set up in 2006 to create a strong shield for the community around the factory in protection against drug abuse, while at the same time promoting better living. The activities run by the club has successfully improved the community’s social environment. Each and everyone in the community is encouraged to help each other. In close co-operation with government sectors in the area, education training and appropriate consultation on drug are regularly provided not only to the factory employees but also to their families and neighboring communities. Members of this community, who are from different culture and religion – Buddhism and Muslim - happily participate in variety of meaningful free-time activities introduced to them such as tree planting, E.M. producing for organic fertilizer production process, liquid dish washing detergent and liquid camphor producing etc.

The To Be Number One activity is now implemented in Bangchan and Navanakorn factory as well.