New Life After Tsunami


When the Tsunami hit Thailand at Phuket, Phang-Nga and Krabi Province in 2004, Nestlé Thailand took its prompt actions by providing humanitarian relief aid for disaster victims directly and via many organizations. For a long term development, further action has to be done. Aiming to heal the catastrophic results in three villages - Klong Kien, Hin Rom and Chao Klua in Phang-Nga Province - where 2,331 villagers from 455 household were affected, Nestlé Thailand in partnership with the Population and Community Development Association of Thailand (PDA) has launched a multi-dimensional project for a sustainable development. The project helps the villagers to re-strengthen their communities and ensure their healthy future. The 3-years’ development project has started since 2005, with a total budget of 6 million Bath.

Nestlé collaboration project consists of 9 programs

  • Repairing Tools and Equipments - that used for their living
  • Psychological Rehabilitation Camp
  • Educational Support - scholarship
  • Women Economic Empowerment - for women group to gain empowerment and earn additional household income
  • School Lunch Farms – mushroom, vegetables, fish and palm tree
  • Village Development Bank
  • Youth Council
  • Water Supply, Sanitation and Health Care
  • Reforestation & Environmental Protection
At present Nestlé is still in contact with these three villages and as well provides assistance despite the ending of the project in 2008.