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Easy earth-friendly ideas for a better world for future the next generation


You can create a better world with simple actions that can lead to a big impact in your own way by simply adopting minor behavioral changes in your daily life to create a better future for generations to come. We would like to invite you to join us on a journey to create a better world by simply changing small things in your lives with Nestlé to create a better world.

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When you go on a trip or go out for outdoor activities, you can do it in an environmentally friendly way. You can be a part of keeping the nature clean, conserve and maintain the nature to be in a good condition. So, every time you go out for an activity, just remember to take good care of nature as well. These simple tips can help you save the world through your little acts.

1. Pick up the trash to help keep the place nice and clean to reduce waste, contaminants, and microplastic in water sources, creating a good environment for marine lives and maintaining quality of water sources.   


2. Putting trash into the right bin: it increases recycling chance for the recyclable waste, and that can help reduce the amount of waste to be disposed. This also helps reduce pollution and contamination in the environment. Here is the explanation of 4 different types of trash bin.   

  • Green trash bin is for wet trash such as kitchen waste, vegetable waste, and organic waste. 
  • Yellow trash bin is for recyclable waste such as PET plastic bottles, paper ice-cream packaging, milk carton, paper, paper carton, aluminium can, and glass bottle.  
    Tips to dispose of milk carton: push the straw into the carton, then fold the carton before recycle to prevent spoilage.
  • Blue trash bin is for general waste such as chips bags, detergent bag, tissue paper, soiled food packaging, and Styrofoam box.  
  • Orange or red trash bin is for hazardous waste such as light bulb, dry cell battery, battery, and electronic waste.

3.  Plan your trip well: study the routes to reduce use of fuel such as natural gases or petrol. You may do carpooling or use public transportation to reduce carbon dioxide from engine combustion to help relive the global warming.

4. Bring your own reusable container: when you leave your home, bring reusable food container, drinking cup or tumbler along with reusable straw with you to reduce the use of single-use plastic. This is a good start to reduce the use of plastic in your daily lives.

You can take care of your loved ones and the environment at the same time. This can help save natural resources for the future generations so they can have better world in the future with these simple tips you can do every day.

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1. Select products with recyclable packaging: look for the products that come in environmentally friendly packaging which is recyclable such as milk carton that comes with paper straw instead of plastic straw to reduce chance of plastic contamination that may go into soil or water sources, and plastic takes a long time to decompose. So, you should select in environmentally friendly packaging to help facilitate the recycle process. This will also help your kids learn how to conserve the environment and therefore the planet.


2. Waste sorting at home: The easiest way to sort waste at home is to have 3 waste bins including:

  • Wet waste bin for kitchen waste, leaves, or anything that is perishable to separate them from other waste. You can turn this type of waste into compost, organic fertilizer, or bio-fermented water to water the tree in your home.  
  • General waste bin for the non-recyclable waste such as Styrofoam box, chips bag, and tissue paper.  
  • Recycle waste bin for recyclable waste such as paper carton, paper straw, and PET plastic bottle. This can help facilitate the recycle process of this waste.  

3. Bring your own cloth bag for grocery shopping: you should always bring your cloth bag and refuse plastic bag to reduce waste creation and reduce use of single-use plastic, which takes long time to decompose.  

4. Plan your grocery shopping well: only buy what you need. Plan daily menus for each meal before going for a grocery shopping to help reduce food waste. And if there is some food left from each meal, create a new menu from the leftover to reduce as much food waste as you can.

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How good could it be if your daily routine of working can help create a better planet? Let’s adopt some in environmentally friendly packaging behavior to create a better world. Utilize resources and energy efficiently for sustainable future with these simple earth-friendly ideas you can do every day.

1. Select products that come in environmentally friendly packaging: before purchasing any product, look for products that come in in environmentally friendly packaging such as Nescafé coffee stick which is made from mono-structure plastic, which is designed for recycling without the need to separate layers of plastics, making it easier to recycle this type of waste.


2. Waste sorting at office: sort the waste to facilitate recycle process, for example, food waste, plastic bag, and recyclable waste such as coffee sticks that are designed for recycling, document envelop, and paper. This can help reduce the amount of waste that needs to be disposed, reduce incineration, or landfilled required for disposal.  

3. Bring your own reusable tumbler and straw: you should use reusable containers such as stainless-steel container, glass bottle, and bamboo or silicone straws to reduce the use of single-use plastic such as plastic bag and plastic straw which is only used for a short period of time but take much longer time to decompose. By doing so, we can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released from combustion of new plastic production.

4. Use paper efficiently: if the paper has been used for only one side, keep it so you can use another side of it to write, print or jot down some notes to use the resources efficiently.   

5. Reduce electricity consumption by climbing the stairs instead of elevator, and you get to have some exercise at the same time. Or you can turn off the light when it is not needed. This can help save the energy consumption.

Everyone is a member of community, so you are an important part to take care of the environment, especially conservation of the water sources in your neighborhood because water is essential for the livelihood of everyone in the community. Let’s take a part in taking care of community water sources so that everyone can live happily in a good environment with these simple earth-friendly ideas you can do every day.

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1. Do not throw trash into the water: conserve water sources by not throwing trash into the river as they will pollute water making it unlivable for marine lives and other animals in the area. When each of us takes care of the water sources, we will have cleaner water for all forms of life to live in. 


2. Sort recyclable waste: collect and sell this recyclable waste to help reduce the amount of waste to be disposed. There are 4 types of recyclable waste including 

  • Paper such as paper straw, paper envelop, and paper carton. 
  • Aluminium such as aluminium can. So, choosing beverages that come in a can wholly made of aluminium can help reduce waste because it can be recycled in unlimited number of times, saving up 95% of energy compared to the new production.  
  • Glass Glass such as glass bottle, seasoning bottle 
  • Plastic such as PET water bottle 

3. Make your own fertilizer with kitchen waste: In every household, there is kitchen waste like vegetable and fruit, or even branch breakage and fallen leaves in the garden. You can turn them into organic fertilizer or bio-fermented water. This can help reduce food waste contamination on other types of waste and can help reduce the amount of waste on landfill. 

Let's change to make our world better.

Nestlé is committed to developing environmentally friendly packaging and we work together with the community to make sure that water sources neighboring our factory is clean to create a sustainable world for future generations.


1. Switch to environmentally friendly packing: we have moved forward with the ambition to achieve 100% recyclable or reusable packaging by 2025. We also have a goal that none of Nestlé packaging ends up in landfills and water sources through the changes in these 4 packaging categories

  • Paper Straw: we have switched from plastic straw to paper straw in our UHT product range. This reduced the use 500 million plastic straws in 2021. 
  • Paper ice-cream packaging: we have switched to 100% pure pulp for our ice-cream packaging instead of plastic packaging. This reduced more than 28 tons of plastic use in 2021.
  • Recyclable plastic drinking water bottle: we use clear PET drinking water bottle that was designed to use less plastic and the color was taken out, so it can be directly disposed into recycle waste bin. This reduced 370 tons of plastic in 2020.  
  • Aluminium Can: we have switched to can entirely made of aluminum in our Ready to Drink (RTD) canned liquid coffee. The aluminum cans can be recycled in unlimited number of times, saving up 95% of energy compared to the new production.

2. Water stewardship: we take responsibility in taking care of water sources to conserve and restore community water source neighboring our factories. The initiation starts from Nestlé Pure Life via Youth Water Guardian Project so that the community around can have sustainable clean water sources for future generations. 

Nestlé would like to invite you to join us on the journey to make a difference. Whatever your role or lifestyle may be, you can apply these earth-friendly ideas to help save the world. We would like to encourage every little act through the “Every Little Act Matters” campaign as we believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to take care of the environment, so every little act of yours will be a great driving force to make a big difference to create a better environment.


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