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Cooking sauce

Contains natural fermented soy bean. The cooking sauce has unique aroma and natural umami taste. Can be used in variety of menus, best with stir fried dishes that’s require well balance taste and will transform your ordinary menus into your favorites.

Nutrition Facts (922KB PDF)

Cooking sauce Intense formular

Contains natural fermented soy bean. The cooking sauce intense formula will enhance the taste of your everyday dish to be more intense taste. Can be used with any spicy thai dishes or marinate your meat for more meaty flavorful taste.


Oyster sauce

Enhance the aroma and the taste of your special menus with real oyster sauce that comes from oyster extract. With no cholesterol, along with the overall taste enrichment, making your special dish even more irresistible.


Dipping sauce

Dipping sauce, which has nice aroma along with unique taste that comes from the natural fermented soy bean. Can be used to dip or sprinkle on any menus…guarantees deliciousness in every bite.

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