Nestlé Consumer Center Nestlé puts consumers in the Heart of Business

Nestlé Thailand is committed to a sustainable relationship with consumers. It is also our responsibility to help build awareness of how people can exercise control over what they eat and drink – to ensure that they enjoy a balanced diet. The Consumer Touch Points of Nestlé, the first of its kind in Thailand, has been developed for almost 20 years to be an effective channel for direct communication with our consumers.

Voice of consumer is one of the most important sources for us to understand the needs of consumer in order to improve our products and activities. Through Nestlé Call Center, voice of consumer can be listened and at the same time consumer can be directly informed about product knowledge, information on food, Nutrition, Health and Well Being. At Nestlé Call Center there are nutritionists available to give advice and answer consumer’s individual queries about nutrition, food and the products etc. There are also pediatric nurses stand by at the Nurse Line, to be of reliable source of assistances for new Mom or any mother, who need information or discuss on child development. The Call Center receives over 200 calls from consumers every day. In addition to this, Nestlé Consumer Touch Points also organizes Home Visit activity done regularly by our nutritionist to pay a visit, listen to consumer’s opinion and answer consumer’s queries in person at his/her home.