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Carry on the sustainability mission with environmental-friendly packaging

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Plastic waste is regarded as a dramatic environmental challenge the world is facing today, and it has broad impact for the future. Nestlé as a world’s leading food and beverage producer and leader in packaging innovation for sustainable planet has recognized the needs to address such problems, so we move forward with our mission to create world-class sustainability with the ambition to achieve 100% recyclable or reusable packaging and to reduce one-third of virgin plastic use by 2025 to shape waste-free future where none of Nestlé packaging ends up in landfills and water sources.

We have adopted eco-friendly packaging in several products. Now, 89% of Nestlé (Thai) packaging has become recyclable or reusable to help consumers make behavioral adaptation along the way with us starting from little things in daily lives like adopting eco-friendly packaging. That is why Nestlé drives sustainability strategy with “Every Little Act Matters” Campaign that are translated into 5 VDO stories “Little act can change the world” (available on YouTube NESTLÉ Thailand) to make people realize that it is not difficult to take part in creating sustainability for the planet. This is to exhibit Nestlé commitment in adopting eco-friendly and recyclable packaging which, in addition to reducing plastic use and greenhouse gas emission, can help save marine lives and lower landfill spaces. We also encourage consumers to do little things in their daily lives for sustainable planet and better future for generations to come because we believe that every little act matters and can lead to big changes.

Recycle package coffee

Coffee Mix Products

After continually introducing new aspects in coffee business as the first country in Nestlé global coffee industry to change outer packaging of NESCAFÉ Protect Proslim to paper pouch in 2019, we still put our efforts to adopt eco-friendly packaging by launching laminated stick designed to be recyclable. This was the outcome from the hard work of Nestlé Research Center in collaboration with domestic and international suppliers to research and develop the laminated stick for the first time in the world coffee industry. The change of NESCAFÉ Protect Proslim to laminated packaging has already been implemented since 2020, and now we are making the change to NESCAFÉ BLEND and BREW products in 2021. This laminated stick is made from mono-structure plastic called Polyolefin with proprietary technology. They can be taken in to recycle process without undergoing plastic separation process, which is different from other regular laminated packaging which is made from layers of different materials so it would require them to go through plastic separation process from each layer first, making it impossible for them to be recycled in single process. In addition, the new laminated stick is developed to effectively maintain quality and freshness of the coffee within the stick and keep the flavor and aroma until it reaches consumers.

Ready to Drink (RTD) Canned Liquid Coffee

In 2019, we started switching packaging of NESCAFÉ Ready to Drink Latte and NESCAFÉ Ready to Drink Black Ice from steel can to recyclable aluminum can (Alu Can), and in 2020, we started switching NESCAFÉ Ready to Drink Espresso Roast can to Alu Can, that makes all of RTD canned liquid coffee products recyclable, which can save 95% of energy compared to the new production. One of good features of Alu Can is that it can be recycled in unlimited number of times and can still maintain its functionalities which is different from the previous steel can that is more complicated to recycle, heavier and cannot be compressed requiring more space for garbage collection.

In addition to being good for the planet, the Alu Can addresses the need of coffee lovers in tropical country well with its fast-cooling property that requires much less chilling time. Despite the fact that the Alu Can is thinner than steel can and therefore requires inert gas to maintain can shape, the benefits of Alu Can are that it does not rust, it weighs less, resulting in increased volume in each transportation, and No More Shaking is needed for the smooth and strong flavor. We do believe that you are also a part of saving this world. Just begin with simple things today!

Bottled Water Products

Besides 100% recyclable PET bottles used in Nestlé Pure Life and Minere, we have changed bottle color of Nestlé Pure Life from light blue to transparent making it easier to recycle. The label on Nestlé Pure Life bottle is made from PP-grade plastic and uses adhesive that allows easy removal of the whole label by hands, making it convenient to recycle.

Moreover, since 2019, Nestlé Pure Life drinking water has employed the bottle production technology that uses less plastic but can still maintain bottle durability to make it stay in shape when held in hand. By using less plastic in Nestlé drinking water bottles, it helps reduce level of greenhouse gases (GHG) and is thereby environmentally friendly owing to lowered new plastic resin production which releases GHG. For the amount of plastic use in 2020, this could help reduce the use of virgin plastic by 370 tons compared to 2019. So as to achieve the goal to reduce one-third use of virgin plastic in 2025, we do believe that you are also a part of saving this world. Just begin with simple things today!

Ice-cream products

Thailand is the first country in the word and first brand in the market to introduce paper ice-cream packaging in Nestlé ice-cream products in all 4 flavors, i.e., Extreme Nama Orange, Extreme Nama Dark Chocolate Brownies and Extreme Nama Peanut Butter, and also the latest KitKat ice cream stick. We use paper made from 100% pure pulp which is certified by environmental organization like Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) that we are using materials from renewable paper production sources with sustainable management. This paper ice-cream packaging comes from collaboration in research and development of Nestlé ice-cream Thailand and global team. Switching to paper packaging in ice-cream products can reduce 28 tons of plastic use in 2021. Paper is biodegradable or 100% recyclable, so it helps reduce landfill spaces and contamination on land, in water sources and in the ocean. We do believe that you are also a part of saving this world. Just begin with simple things today!

UHT Products

MILO UHT has adopted the bendable paper straw for the first time in UHT industry in Thailand in place of plastic straw in the mid-year of 2020. This change covers all MILO formulas which include MILO UHT original, MILO UHT 30% Less Sugar and MILO UHT No Sucrose, and there is a plan to extend this change to cover all Nestlé UHT products in 2021. Switching to eco-friendly paper straws helps reduce 500 million use of plastic straws in 2021. The bendable paper straw innovation features environmental friendliness and is certified by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). They are manufactured in the highest quality and safety standards. There is no paper odor, so there will be no effect on taste and quality of the products. It is not easily softened and can resist water up to 12 hours. We do believe that you are also a part of saving this world. Just begin with simple things today!

All of this is a proof of Nestlé commitment to reinforce global sustainability mission. Packaging innovations that are environmentally friendly and recyclable is one of little things that we can do together to make a change for sustainable planet and good future of generations to come. Together, we can pass sustainable planet to future generations with little things we can do every day. Let’s change together.

Watch “Little act can change the world” VDOs of each packaging here


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