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NESCAFÉ respects Thai coffee farmers, empowering sustainable coffee farming in global level.

Coffee has been one of the most beloved beverages for ages, but only a few coffee drinkers would be thinking about dedication and commitment the coffee farmers have put in to grow fine coffee beans for the coffee lovers. As an international coffee brand, NESCAFÉ have long been realizing the value of Thai coffee farmers who are working behind the success of Thai most-beloved NESCAFÉ coffee. So, NESCAFÉ continues to make progress on the Grown Respectfully Initiative which are universal principals of NESCAFÉ brand practice where our goal is create the value which will become mutual benefit among farmers, communities, and our planet by employing principles of responsible coffee farming and sustainability.   

Despite the fact that Thailand is one the countries that can produce quality coffee, and the fact that coffee is very popular beverage among Thai people with continuously increasing demand, especially among new generation, farmers are still facing with a number of uncertainties which may cost them their productivity, and lead to unsatisfactory income. The Grown Respectfully Initiative was established with the goal to reassure the future of quality coffee for our consumers now and in the future, along with our supports towards coffee farmers for them to have continuous sustainable development by employing following principles

1. Respecting Farmers: through communication, meeting, discussion, and knowledge sharing with coffee farmers for better coffee farming and better coffee yield through best farming practices.
2. Respecting Communities: through varieties of activities to create stronger coffee farmer communities so as to improve quality of every farmers’ lives.
3. Respecting our Planet: by encouraging agriculture with conservation of natural resources related to farming and coffee production including water stewardship, soil fertility conservation, and the production factory with zero waste-to-landfill approach

เนสกาแฟ เชิดชูชาวสวนกาแฟไทย ต้นแบบพลังขับเคลื่อนการปลูกกาแฟให้ยั่งยืนในระดับโลก