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Dec 03, 2015

Skip breakfast primes brain to seek high-calorie food

Skip breakfast primes brain to seek food


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, there has a myth that skipping breakfast can help fasten the weigh loss which is totally wrong. Skipping breakfast will end up gaining weight over the long term.

The reason why skipping breakfast can cause you gain more weight is the body system will reduce the metabolism and the brain will signal the cell to release ‘Neuropeptide Y’ which will cause you eat more unconsciously. This condition is called ‘night eating syndrome’ that after you finish lunch, you wiil crave for snack for the rest of the day until night time.

The snacks are included crackers, cookies, chips etc. which contain high calories and you will gain more weights. From the medical study of the doctors at Massachusetts university, people who skip the breakfast have tendency to gain 45% more weight than those who not.

Skip breakfast primes brain to seek high-calorie food

What to eat for breakfast?

The office of Non Communicable Disease Prevention and Control, Bureau of Non Communicable Disease, Ministry of Public Health has recommended on the selection of breakfast that can help prevent NCDs or Non Communicate Disease that it should contain the whole grains like brown rice, millet, whole wheat bread, and whole-grain cereals. These

foods are full of vitamins and minerals that important for the body plus with high fiber and high antioxidant that can help the weight control.

75% of the persons who try to loose weight and have breakfast regularly have more potential to consistently decrease their weight than those who skip breakfast.

With so much important and beneficial of breakfast, never skip the breakfast for better health.

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