Useful tips for the healthy cats

Dec 3, 2015


To raise the healthy kids, food is the main factor. Healthy and happy cats are just like humans. They need to eat the healthy food with full nutrition from protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamin and minerals. Anything missed will cause the cat to grow improperly.

Most of the cat owners believe that tasty food for the owners will go well with the cats as well, which is totally wrong. Cats need the different nutrition types from the humans. The tasty foods for the owners might be harmful for cats’ health because they might not be able to synthesize some of the nutrition. Therefore, feed your beloved cats with the 100% nutrition cat foods will be the option.

Cats are truly carnivore and they need 2 times more protein than the dogs. Moreover, cats need specific nutrients like Torine and vitamin A which they cannot self-synthesize directly from food like humans or dogs. Therefore, the traditional way to feed the cats like mackerel fish with rice will give insufficient nutrients to the cats which can cause them being unhealthy and easy to get sick.

The most appropriate and convenient food is the instant or tablet cat food available in various sizes and types depending on the species and ages of the cats. To feed the cat with tablet-typed cat food will be beneficial as;

  1. Get the total nutrients based on each stage of life
  2. Control plague and bad breath because chewing the tablet cat food will help floss their teeth. If the plague won’t get cured properly, the problem will be extended to the gum problems and dental disease.
  3. It has natural taste and can keep its status for certain period of time. This fits with the cat’s behavior “eat less but often” when the owner can place the food in the bowl all day long and let them enjoy. It will also help control the PH status in the urine.
  4. It can help control the weight of the cats since chewing the tablets needs time and it will make them not over eating.

The most important thing is choosing the reliable cat food products that develop the formula to fit with each growth development of the cat. This will help ensure that your cats will be healthy and have the right development.