Toilet training for your little ones

Dec 1, 2015


The children from ages 1.5 to 2 are the time to start the toilet teaching or potty training because they are quite ready in many aspects.

Mommy should observe some signs for example they will do some action to let you know they want to do the toilet activities, the frequency to change diapers is less in each day, they can move around or sit properly without help needed, they understand what you say and try to communicate to them. When you are confident that your children is ready for potty training, let’s follow these technique below;

  • Place the potty at the convenient area and be ready to use. Since the children at this age has less ability to hold all toilet activities, the potty will be right on time when the children are in need.

  • Every time you use the potty, tell them to sit on the potty chair when they want to do the toilet activities. They will learn and get used to and become their behavior.

  • Mothers can give praise to the children when they use the potty by themselves. Don’t scold when they make a mess. This will encourage them to continue doing it.

  • In each day, start taking off the pant or diapers for a short period of time and bring the potty nearby so the children can use it.

  • When the children can practice to use potty well, move the potty into the toilet area in order to prepare them the next level.

  • Avoid constipation because this will make the children feel scared and don’t want to practice or even poo by themselves. Prepare the high fiber foods and drink enough water to cure the problem. Recommend using the milk that contains probiotics and fiber that will help the digestive system working well and also softening the poo.