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Dec 03, 2015

3 ideas for your favorite cereal dishes

3 ideas for your favorite cereal dishes

Cereals are everyone’s favorite breakfast with the convenience, easy to eat and healthy. Did you know that you can turn cereal to be the new favorite snack menu? We have 3 suggested menus that you can’t put the spoon down once start eating.

1. Cereals Aloha

Shaved ice with bread and syrup, the menu that everyone is craving for has been adjusted by putting wholewheat bread and strawberry milk on top of the ice, follow with fresh strawberries, red beans and cereal as a topping for more crunchiness. This snack will offer you both energy and fiber.





2. Rainbow cereal yogurt


Arrange the fruits, cereal and yogurt in the parfait format to the glass. Using different color type of fruits like grape, kiwi, cantaloupe, pineapple, orange, apple, strawberry and the colorful cereal from Nestle Corn Flakes and Koko Krunch together and place in the layer style with natural-flavored yogurt. With this, you will get the colorful snack that will be beneficial for your digestive system as well.





3. Koko Krunch Milo with Fresh Milk


Normally, macchiato is known as coffee drink but we change it to be cocoa drink instead for this menu. Start with beating the extremely cold milk to be the smooth foam and then add Koko Krunch in the milk foam, top with cocoa drink. After that, this snack will be separated to be milk at the bottom, cocoa drink in the middle and the smooth white foam on top.





Try these fun ideas by yourself or create the new menus with your family members, it will bring you both fun and beneficial to health.


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