‘Unsung Heroes’ – a great initiative by Nestlé

To Press Releases listDec 3, 2012

‘Unsung Heroes’ – a great initiative by Nestlé

A family is like a deeply rooted tree receiving nourishment from an infinite source. The love and warmth shared by family members is what drives us to achieve great things. But most of all, since health is wealth, we should definitely care for our health and that of our family members.

Often the very people who care for other family members ignore their own health. With this in mind, Nestlé (Thai) Ltd, one of Thailand’s leading food and beverage companies, recently introduced ‘Unsung Heroes’ - a programme initiated in conjunction with its ‘Good Food, Good Life’ website (www.GoodFoodGoodLife.in.th) - in order to motivate family members to pay more attention to each other’s health.

Under the programme, consumers were invited to submit stories for judges to review centred on the people who make them happy. A total of 437 entries were received nationwide.

Kanokthip P., Nestlé Thai’s Corporate Communication & NHW Group Manager

Nestlé has selected the stories of three unsung heroes. They are Sutthipoj Limpiwiroj (Khun Win), 35, a company employee; Juthathip Angsusingh (Khun Moo), 53, an archive keeper at the Fine Arts Department and Jinda Harintranon (Granny Jinda), a 68-year-old housewife. The three have been invited by Nestlé to participate in a health workshop held to show appreciation for their contribution.

At the beginning of the health mission, Nestlé invited a number of specialists to share their knowledge with the unsung heroes and members of the media. The experts include Thidarat Wisetjindavat, Nestlé’s nutritionist, Jakkrit Kanjanawaraporn, a fitness specialist, Benjawan Runsaewa, a body and mind specialist and Kamonchanok ‘Poo’ Panjai, an actress/model-turned-inspiration writer. Welcoming the guests to the workshop was Kanokthip Prinyarnussorn, Nestlé (Thai)’s Corporate Communication & Nutrition, Health and Wellness Group Manager.

Nestlé’s nutrition guru Thidarat Wisetjindavat said, “Thai people are increasingly on the rush these days. We tend to care more about convenience and less about nutrition. A simple nutrition tip for your body to get a healthy diet is to pay close attention and make a wise choice. In particular, read food labels before a purchase. East more vegetables and fruits and evaluate the amount of calories of each meal.

Fitness specialist Jakkrit Kanjanawaraporn, said, “Everybody wants to look good. But it is not enough to look good for you need to be healthy, too. First, start by exercising the muscles you can easily control even if you have to sit on a chair all day long.

Benjawan Runsaewa as a holistic health expert shares her tips on positive thinking. “To look at the bright side of the world is to look at the situation you are in with understanding. It allows you to handle the situation efficiently. Your thoughts have power. Use them to your own advantage.”

Sharing her tips on how to be happy, Kamonchanok ‘Poo’ Panjai, an actress and model turned inspirational writer, said, “The key to happiness is to adapt and change. Go to bed half and hour earlier or get up half an hour earlier. Take good care of yourself and give more time to those close to you without expecting the future that is yet to come. It is learn to stay with the present with happiness. This way you can be happy every day.

So, this workshop has something for everyone in terms of health tips for themselves and other family members. Besides, most techniques are easy to apply.

Nestlé is also inviting consumers to vote for the three unsung heroes in the health mission at www.GoodFoodGoodLife.in.th from now until 11 January 2013 and find out the knowledge and health tips the experts share on the website.