Nestlé launches digital ‘Unsung Heroes’ campaign encouraging Thai’s to share the story of the person behind their happiness

To Press Releases listBangkok,Oct 19, 2012

  • Stories about people behind your happiness and your wishes for their better health are invited for submission at, now until 31 October 2012
  • People behind the 3 selected stories will win a health improvement program designed especially for them

Nestlé (Thai) Ltd, one of Thailand’s leading food and beverage companies, launched a new campaign called ‘To Those Behind Your Happiness (The Unsung Heroes)’. The campaign invites Thai people to submit a story about a person behind their happiness at the renovated ‘Good Food Good Life’ website at 

The story should communicate their care and their wish for the good health of their unsung heroes. The activity aims to show how much people worry and hope for the good health of those they love encouraging people to take better care of themselves and their loved ones every day. Stories are welcome until 31 October 2012.

The three most inspiring stories will be selected, and the unsung heroes of those stories will be entitled to join a special health program customised for them. This program will be supervised by experts giving advice in the areas of nutrition, mental and physical health.

Ms. Kanokthip Prinyarnussorn, Nestlé (Thai)’s Corporate Communication & Nutrition, Health and Wellness Group Manager, said, “We believe that Thai people love to take care of people around them and usually neglect to take care of themselves. Therefore, Nestlé initiated this “Unsung Heroes” campaign to inspire and give opportunities for people to recognize and share their good wishes for the future health of their beloved unsung heroes who always care for them and everyone in their families. We believe that if people knew how much their loved ones worry about their health, they would take it more seriously.

Nestlé will select stories that are impressive and inspiring. We will interview and invite the three unsung heros from the most inspiring stories to join our health workshop. They will get a customized health improvement program from experts in three areas--nutrition, mental and physical health, which can be applicable to their daily lives. We will share the workshop activities on our ‘Good Food Good Life’ website so members can vote for the most impressive story. 

The top winner will help us in passing along good health and happiness to others by choosing from one of 3 foundations and join us in this merit making activity where we will donate 120,000 Bht of Nestlé products” said Ms. Kanokthip.

To Those Behind Your Happiness (The Unsung Heroes) 


  1. The participant (those who submit stories) must be a member of the Good Food Good Life Club (free member subscription at
  2. The participant must answer four questions. The topics are as follows:
    • Why is this person your unsung hero?
    • What are your concerns about his/her health?
    • What do you think they could improve to have better health?
    • What do you want to say to your unsung hero to express your appreciation?
  3. The story submitted must answer the four topics. It must not have been shared anywhere before.
  4. The participants must attach a photo of him/herself with the person he/she cares about in the story submitted. (JPEG file of no more than 2 MB). The photo should communicate the love and care the participant has for the person behind the family happiness (can be any members of the family)
  5. One person can submit an unlimited number of stories
  6. Nestlé (Thai) Ltd will select three stories that are impressive and inspiring. The decision of the judges is final


  1. From the three winning stories, the unsung heroes of those stories will receive a customized health improvement program from experts in three areas: nutrition, mental and physical health, which can be applicable in their daily lives
  2. The workshop activities of the three participants will be shared on for members of the website to vote for the most impressive unsung hero
  3. The person who gets the most votes will join Nestlé (Thai) Ltd in a merit making initiative which the company donates Nestlé’s products worth Baht 120,000 to one of the following three foundations:
    • Rajvithi Home for Girls
    • Bangkhae Home Foundation
    • Home for Handicapped Animals Foundation

To participate in the “Unsung Heroes” campaign, go to

“Nestlé...Good Food, Good Life”