Bear shaped cereal that promises to entertain... fun, delicious and nutritious!

To Press Releases listMay 31, 2016

Bangkok - May 12, 2016: Nestlé (Thai) Ltd. has rolled out a head-turning marketing activity called “KOKO KRUNCH Land,” Thailand's first-ever wheat field, as part of the launch of innovative KOKO KRUNCH Limited Edition, a fun and easy, bear-shaped breakfast cereal made of whole grain.

The highlight of the activity is the “KOKO KRUNCH Breakfast DIY Pop-up Café,” where children can make their own breakfast and enjoy this delicious whole-grain cereal with a rich chocolate taste. The launch reinforces KOKO KRUNCH’s leading position in the breakfast cereal market and continues the product’s drive to expand its customer base.

Mr. David Carter, Country Business Manager - CPW Indochina, Nestlé (Thai) Ltd., said, “As breakfast cereals play a major role in a modern family’s lifestyle by offering an easy and delicious morning treat, KOKO KRUNCH’s share of the cereal market is growing continuously. Surveys of customer requirements showed that most modern families can’t make the time to fit breakfast into their busy schedules, while many children found their breakfast fairly unappealing.

Eventually, they become less interested in eating breakfast altogether. These findings led to the launch of innovative new KOKO KRUNCH Limited Edition, which features cute, bear-shaped flakes that make breakfast for kids more fun and tempting.”

New KOKO KRUNCH Limited Edition is a delicious, bear-shaped cereal made with whole grain and includes seven important vitamins and minerals. It has a great taste that all members of the family will enjoy, especially children who are still growing and need more energy to do many things during the day. Thanks to KOKO KRUNCH Limited Edition’s cute, bear-shaped flakes and rich chocolate flavor, kids will find their breakfast more pleasant and delicious and they can have fun making their own breakfast.

The launch of KOKO KRUNCH Limited Edition is being supported by a comprehensive marketing communications campaign across all key channels. To reach target customers more effectively, Nestlé has created KOKO KRUNCH Land, a wheat field located in the heart of Bangkok. It includes the KOKO KRUNCH Breakfast DIY Pop-up Café, where children can enjoy a DIY breakfast, starting with KOKO KRUNCH cereal and adding a variety of nutritional toppings.

To reinforce KOKO KRUNCH’s value proposition and increase awareness, a brand communications strategy is being implemented using both offline and digital communication channels. It includes entertaining animated TV advertisements based on the concept of “Sky Hunt,” as well as free sample and activity booths inside shops to attract target customers in a fun and engaging way. New KOKO KRUNCH Limited Edition is available starting in May.