Nestlé leads tour of ‘Nestlé Roadshow’ and ‘Entrepreneurship Training’ in Krabi

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  • Aims to reach more than 325,000 Thais in 130 districts nationwide with activities to promote good health, share nutritional knowledge and build career
  • Nestlé Roadshow offers comprehensive nutritional knowledge and activities designed to promote good health for quality of life in the community
  • Career-building initiatives help people who want to start up a business ; more than 5,000 people trained

Corporate Roadshow 2012

Bangkok (17 February 2012) – Nestlé (Thai) Ltd., Thailand’s leading food and beverage company, recently organised the Nestlé Roadshow and Nescafe Street Barista training in Aoluk district of Krabi province – two key activities under the company’s Creating Shared Value (CSV) concept that aim to share comprehensive nutritional knowledge, promote physical and mental health, and build stable career and income in order to improve the long term sustainability and quality of life for local community members.

The activities attracted more than 5,000 Aoluk residents. With a budget of Bht 40 million, the company aims to bring the activities to families residing in 130 districts around the country or reaching 325,000 people in 2012.

The ‘Nestlé Roadshow’ is one of the highlights of the CSV activities on nutrition which is in line with Nestlé’s sustainable approach to business with a focus on three main areas namely nutrition, water resources and environmental sustainability, and rural development.

Kanokthip Prinyarnussorn, Corporate Communication and Nutrition, Health and Wellness Group Manager, Nestlé (Thai) Ltd., said, “We are committed to promoting good health for Thai people in the long term. Good health comes from proper knowledge and understanding of nutrition to select a healthy and nutritious diet and exercising regularly. That’s why we are organizing the Nestlé Roadshow in 130 districts nationwide to share proper health and nutritional information, through fun educational activities, with people living in remote communities.”

The Nestlé Roadshow is in its fourth year running. Since 2011, the roadshow has reached more than 900,000 consumers in over 200 districts. This year the roadshow aims to reach communities in 130 districts: 30 in the North, 45 in the Northeast, 25 in the Central Region, and 30 in the South.

Corporate Roadshow 2012

A recent survey showed a remarkable increase in obesity among Thai people with 35% of Thailand’s population aged 15 years and older being overweight and 51% having high blood cholesterol. The leading causes of the problem are lack of knowledge and understanding about nutrition and inappropriate eating behaviour.

These include a preference for very sweet food with sugar consumption of 27 teaspoons per person per day, which is 4.5 times above the recommended daily intake; fatty food choices with 90% of the population aged 6 years and older eating fried foods at least once a week; a preference for very salty food with around 3 rice spoons of fish sauce added per meal,

which is 1.8 times above the recommended daily intake (nutritional standard limits recommended intake of up to 2 rice spoons); consumption of less than 300 grammes of fruits and vegetables per day, which is well below the 400-600 grammes recommended by the World Health Organization for health and prevention of diseases. It was also found that only 36% of the population exercise adequately. (Sources: National Health Examination Survey Office, 2009; Bureau of Nutrition, 2009; Bureau of Policy and Strategy, 2011; Thailand Healthy Lifestyle Strategy 2007-2016)

Kanokthip added, “We recognise the presence of under-nutrition and over-nutrition and make every effort to keep Nestlé Roadshow a fun and informative campaign on proper nutrition and health care for every family member.”

The Nestlé Roadshow Caravan consists of the following 11 activity zones:

  1. Health Checkup: Providing basic health inspection services for community members such as blood pressure checkup, Body Mass Index (BMI) measurement, and training on how to read nutritional labels
  2. Mother Class: Providing knowledge on nutrition, essential nutrients and child development for mothers of children aged one year and older
  3. Healthy Learning Kids: Encouraging school-age children to realize the importance of exercise. The zone incorporates activities such as hula hoop dance, futsal and cycling to encourage children to undertake more exercise under the concept of “the more you play, the more you learn.”
  4. Healthy Refreshing: Emphasizing the importance of keeping body hydrated and refresh, and recommending daily water intake. Community members will learn that drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day is a key to achieving good health and freshness
  5. Feel Well, Comfy Tummy: Sharing knowledge on the importance of the excretory system and the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables as well as the benefits of dietary fiber such as improving movements and reducing toxic accumulation in the bowel
  6. Healthy Delicious Kitchen: Providing a ‘healthy cooking’ workshop, and highlighting the importance of eating for nutritional value as a key to good health
  7. Happy Time with Yourself: Sharing knowledge with community members on the multiple benefits of coffee such as anti-aging benefits as antioxidants in coffee help slow the effects of free radicals – a cause of premature aging, thus making you feel fresh and rejuvenated
  8. Healthy Pets: Encouraging community members to feed their pets properly. (Feeding food specifically made for pets and not from leftover meals)
  9. Overnight Market Dream Career: Booth to share information on job and career opportunities such as Nescafé Street Barista and Sundae School/Own an ice cream shop with a capital investment of just Bht 5,999
  10. Wellness Market: An opportunity for consumers to buy Nestlé products at economical prices
  11. Main Stage Activities: Vocal and dance performances by Nestlé health promotion team, singing contests and shows presented by children, hulahoop and tug-of-war competitions to promote team spirit among members of the local communities

Apanee Engchuan, community spokesperson in Aoluk district of Krabi province said, “The knowledge gained from the Nestlé Roadshow is very useful for members of our community because it covers all aspects of nutrition. We have learned how to maintain a healthy and nutritious diet, read nutritional labels, and exercise regularly to achieve long-term health benefits.”

Corporate Roadshow 2012

“As the community spokesperson, my duty is to look after the health of community members and share nutritional knowledge with community members. The village volunteer group will meet after the roadshow to ensure that the knowledge gained from the activity is put into practice. We will share the learning and encourage community members to adopt healthy nutritional practices and proper exercise. One village volunteer is in charge of 10-15 households,” Apanee said.

“In addition to the 11 activity zones in the roadshow, we also offer an entrepreneurship training programme. The purpose is to give alternative career opportunities for those interested in owning a business at a low investment. Under the Nescafé Street Barista programme,

the participants will be trained on how to make delicious coffee under the philosophy of ‘take great care of every cup’ as well as manage the business, costs, profits, expenses and cash flow in a way that is practical and easy to understand. We want the participants to be prepared and confident of their potential to succeed in business so they can earn a sustainable living for their families and improve their quality of life,” said Kanokthip.

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